Michael Bloomberg Had a Horrible Debate Without Attending -- His Campaign Twitter Account Goes Off the Rails Last Night

You may not understand what they attempted but it was obvious they failed.

During the Tuesday evening Democratic Debate Michael Bloomberg’s campaign team strained to draw attention onto their candidate. It did not go well…at all. Mayor Bloomberg was not invited to the debate as a result of monetary restrictions. The parameters involved a certain level of public financial support, and Bloomberg being self-funded means he missed those metrics.


So while the debate raged on — or, more accurately trudged along — the Mike 2020 Twitter account turned desperate. In a flailing effort to draw attention onto their candidate the social media team from his campaign turned desperate. And bizarre. By seeming to borrow the outreach attempts of a Madison Avenue campaign using outlandish tactics to gain name recognition, their Twitter feed last night resembled that of an overly confident but under-skilled millennial intern — while tripping on peyote.

One early notice involved speculation on the oral capacity of their candidate.

This tweet was deleted, leading to most people assuming the campaign had been hacked. There was amusement across the Twitter spectrum that this could occur, but then something more bizarre happened. The very odd tweets continued, and those were not hauled down.


One, in particular, was drawing significant attention. It involved, for reasons known only to the campaign, Bloomberg’s face nestled into a meatball.

When I write that it received attention, this is true. The detail is that all of that attention was almost uniformly negative. People speculated on everything, from Bloomberg trolling the entire Democrat party, to his just throwing money at any desperate plea for viral traction, to even the possibility he had just given up entirely and decided on a ‘’what-the-hell’’ moment of a blaze-of-glory departure from the campaign.

But as it turns out, this social media vomit was indeed intentional.

Whatever the intent of this odd flood of tweets it is safe to say they missed reaching the intended goal.


For a candidate wanting to be taken seriously in the Presidential race, this was not the way to go, which is why by all appearances Bloomberg cannot be serious. Yet he is dropping a fortune on commercials, outreach, and…social media, apparently.

To see more of the disjointed messaging head over to @Mike2020 and witness the carnage his billions have purchased.


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