Brian Stelter Correct About CNN Never Speculating on Trump Heart Conditions...Except for That Pesky Evidence

This seems to prove CNN’s media Hall Monitor does not watch his own network

Over at The Apple Network, Brian Stelter has been on such a streak of obliviousness and lack of self-awareness that you would be excused for showing concern. Between his petty obsession with typos from the Presidential Twitter account — referring to them as ”misspelling errors’’ in the process — to his knee-jerk defense of the press without any adherence to facts, Stelter has been especially clownish in recent months.

Last night brought out the latest example of that second subject. The President referenced the media and Tater rose up to refute the claim, but did so with very little effort in the form of introspection. Make that, ‘’no effort’’, because in making his latest boast Stelter showed that he is seemingly unaware of what is being broadcast at his own network. It is a rather revealing blindspot for this media expert.

President Trump was in South Florida Tuesday evening, speaking at a rally held in the Florida Panthers hockey arena in the city of Sunrise. Amid his usual hyperbolic prolix he addressed one of the press stories from a couple of weeks back. When the President made a seemingly abrupt visit to Walter Reed Medical Center it had generated rampant media speculation as to what had been the reason. As you may recall, the official word of his undergoing the first phase of his annual checkup did not satisfy the nation’s media experts.

At the rally, Trump made the statement that the media had reported him suffering ‘’a massive, unbelievable heart attack.’’ These words did not sit well with Mr. Stelter, as you can imagine. Did somebody make a disparaging remark about the Press? C’mon everyone — to the Spin Machine!!! Stelter fired off an immediate correction to the President’s comment, and it is a curious reality he presents.

This defies the fact that we did see the ‘’media’’ making all kinds of unsubstantiated guesses as to what was transpiring with the President’s health. There were even comments made about his heart condition, and some going so far as to declare what was happening to President Trump’s condition without so much as being present, let alone conducting anything approaching a physical analysis.

Stelter himself led the charge of irresponsibility. On November 16, he was in tin-hat mode; ‘’The W.H. said it was for a physical. Did they know he was coming ahead of time?’’ Mollie Hemmingway, from The Federalist, helped out the media maven, providing Mr. Stelter with outlets that had jumped on the story with heart hysterics.

Then to further lend aid to the cardio controversy, The Trump War Room account provided this supercut of a few voices from CNN going full-on with the pulmonary prognostications.

So it would appear that the CNN expert in all things media and press-related shenanigans does not even watch his own network. Or — more likely — he is trying to gaslight and pretend these realities do not exist. Of course, now, he does have some wriggle room. The numerous experts did not in fact actually say he had a massive-unbelievable heart attack, and therefore Brian can claim a level of accuracy.

Sure, they claimed heart problems, heart disease, and a likelihood of a heart attack without seeing him personally, but no one claimed he HAD a massive heart attack. Well done Brian, really set the record straight with that claim. Now go chase down some more typos for Sunday’s program.


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