While 'Three Judges Walk Into a Strip Club’ Is Not a Joke, There Is a Punchline - and a Shooting!

Images: (AP Photo/Michael Schmelling, File) (AP Photo/Jay LaPrete, File)

In a story that reads like a “Harold & Kumar” sequel, three Indiana judges are facing penalties.

In a bit of a peek of what happens once the robes are removed, the wild story of a trio of magistrates in Indiana is the stuff of legend (now that everyone is deemed relatively okay.) Some pre-convention frivolities led to a late-night confrontation, and after hospital stays punishments have been handed down by others. The three adjudicators have come under the gavel.

The story begins this past May when three Indiana Circuit Court justices were involved in an altercation at 3:00 am, while in Indianapolis for the Spring Judicial College conference. The day prior to the conference the judges were drinking with other justices, then after midnight the three judges — Andrew Adams, Sabrina Bell, and Bradley Jacobs — went to a bar to continue their imbibing of potables. By around 3:00 that morning they walked to a nearby strip club but found the establishment was closed.

The trio walked to a nearby White Castle where, according to the State Supreme Court ruling, the night took an ominous turn. “Respondents’ actions were not merely embarrassing on a personal level,” reads the opinion of the SCOI, “they discredited the entire Indiana judiciary.” As a fourth judge went inside the burger establishment a vehicle drove past the three outside, and a verbal exchange took place.

Judge Sabrina Bell then extended her middle finger at the occupants, who then took exception and entered the parking lot, confronting the group. According to the SCOI opinion, “Judge Bell, who was intoxicated, has no memory of the incident but concedes that the security camera video shows her making this gesture.” A fight then ensued between the two men from the vehicle, and Justices Jacobs and Adams.

During the altercation, Jacobs reportedly attempted to quell the conflict, but Adams reengaged with one of the men. This led to him pulling out a gun and shooting Adams once in the stomach, and Jacobs twice, in the chest. Each man had to endure two surgeries to repair the wounds they endured. When they were admitted to the hospital Jacobs’ blood-alcohol level was tested at 0.177 and Adams at 0.213.

As a result of the incident justices Bell and Jacobs were suspended for 30 days without pay, and Justice Adams 60 days without pay. Adams was also pled guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge was sentenced to 1 year of jail, with 2 days served.

Upon hearing this tale of judges at strip clubs, bar hopping, and White Castle parking lot shootings, there could be one other ruling arrived at: I want to party with these barristers!