CNN and Oliver Darcy Decry the 'Polluted' Newscape While Continuing to Generate Biased Litter


Our media betters pretend to care about the condition of the news without looking into any of their own mirrors.

When the death of Jeffery Epstein was announced late on Friday it took no time at all for the talk on social media to speculate on how the announced sucide was anything but that. What was telling was how people from both sides of the political spectrum were forwarding their impressions on how Epstein was more likely to have been dispatched, rather than have taken his own life.


This was displayed on Twitter in rather blatant fashion early Saturday morning. As the announcement was spreading across the platform there was a complete storyline taking place about how Epstein’s death fits in with a number of others surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton. I say this not to give the story any veracity, but to show how this was in fact a very common narrative on the platform. As the Epstein news was flashing across Twitter the man’s name was actually trending BELOW that of another hashtag — #ClintonBodyCount. Another reared up – #Arkancide – in just as quick of a fashion.

That is the level in which the speculation was being tossed around. However once Donald Trump joined in the game late the media lost its collective minds. Suddenly the topic that so many had been bandying about was an explosive and shameful thing to be mentioned. The press, still unable to recognize when the President is provoking them, reacted in exactly the imbalanced fashion Trump intended. He poked a stick into their cage, and they growled right on cue.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy (filling in for Brian Stelter, out on maternity leave) wrote the outlet’s latest Reliable Sources newsletter. It was filled with hand-wringing and head-shaking over the deplorable condition of the news landscape, with so many repeating or reporting on the “vile” conspiracy narrative. Darcy had plenty to say in a cautionary fashion about how the press should behave in this climate.


“And, while I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it needs to be said: With the 2020 campaign approaching, and with bad actors continuing to pollute our information ecosystem, things are going to get worse.”

However in his words of warning one thing Darcy does not do is acknowledge his own network’s role in the “polluting”. For him to pretend that he and his network have not been tossing garbage theories over the transom and tossing false narratives out the windows of their driving news cycle is utter hilarity. I guess he expects us to pretend that for two and a half years they did not attempt to sell the Russian collusion narrative, absent anything approaching solid evidence.

But Darcy himself exposes his own contribution to the littered media landscape. He recently sent out a tweet referencing a New York Times article that attempts to claim the El Paso shooter was reliant upon conservative media, using similar words such as “invasion” in his manifesto.

This is Darcy polluting in the highest order. For him to attempt to sell this garbage theory he has to ignore the fact thee shooter began his opinions on the matter years before Donald Trump’s rise — that is, during the Obama administration. Darcy also bypasses the numerous leftist positions he held. He also completely pretends the Dayton shooter – with his support of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — no longer exists.


It is just more of the same from this media complex. They have strewn their biased garbage all around the political lands, and then step back and point fingers at others over all of the “pollution” they witness. In a word, the accusations are pure garbage.


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