The Latest Consumer Boycott Proves the Outrage Outstrips the Facts, but the Outcome Will Still be Failure


When boycotting a company because you get the facts wrong make sure you raaise the volume on your outrage!

Yes, it is happening again. There is a social media maelstrom and people are so outraged they are pledging to vote with their wallets in the marketplace. These entreaties, like always, are mostly impotent. Their wallets are as empty as their values, and they cannot find the means to get off of a sofa to even engage in the marketplace. And they have managed to prove all of this with the latest effrontery, the call to boycott the Home Depot franchise.

Like Brandon Morse said earlier, millennials are vacant on the skills set needed to even dare enter a Home Depot location, but this boycott proves one other talent eludes these inactive-ists: comprehension. It is with astounding obviousness that this entire dose of outrage is sparked by one basic truth. These shriekers are incapable of reading beyond a headline.

What has them supposedly set off is a profile done in the outlet Business Insider about Home Depot co-founder, Bernie Marcus. The billionaire said he was going to be donating to Donald Trump’s upcoming Presidential campaign. In fact, Marcus said a lot of things, and the article also details many other things, yet those were all dispatched when the carnival-barker loungers stopped after seeing the article’s headline.

For one, Bernie Marcus is no longer affiliated with the Home Depot business. He stepped down from the board about SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO. His opinions today, and the contributions he chooses to make are in no way affiliated with the store chain. The people who are trying to direct others on how to conduct their shopping preferences do so without even being bothered to read a single article on the subject that has them so incensed. But then, had they endeavored to read they would not have been incensed, and then they would have had no purpose to virtue signal.

Marcus has done this before. He donated to Trump’s 2016 campaign, and curiously there was no call for a backlash against the company then. Even those screeching who want to make the wan argument that supporting the store would still benefit him through stock holdings, that is another failure. Marcus divested fully from Home Depot. He is now pledging to donate the bulk of his fortune to causes, a small fraction of which involves a donation to Trump.

Here is a question for those claiming to be cutting up their HD gift cards: what is the reaction when I tell you that a former co-chairman at the company with Marcus, the billionaire Arthur Blank, made donations in the past Presidential elections to Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama? Does that not cancel out? I mean, we are talking about two individuals not with the company, giving money to opposing political parties. How does that affect your impression of the store chain, where neither of them has an interest?

Even bypassing this factual minefield, many of those who are caterwauling have pledged to never shop at Home Depot, and they will energetically take their business to their main competitor, Lowes. Cagey move, that. According to the political donation tracking site Open Secrets, if you want to stop shopping at Home Depot because of the man who is not with the company is donating to the GOP, you are instead rushing out to give your money to a company that supports the GOP.

Well, that will certainly show the guy who is not financially tied to Home Depot’s quarterly returns — as well as the Republican party.