Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 56 -- The Bias-One-Get-One Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

It looked as if every single juicy story this week was flavored with the bitter tang of partisanship. Whether is was the journalisming that is becoming ever more slanted, or Andrew Cuomo screwing up the checkbook and trying to blame the bartender for not giving him a receipt to keep track following a blackout.


Gobs of cash were being tossed around at Sundance, the hens on The View are not getting along, Rob Lowe told a joke that made leefties cry, and Florida got jealous of Virginia hogging all the crazy headlines. It was a casual yet oddly frantic week.




THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Taxman” – The Beatles

  • We got some anxiety off of our shoulders concerning the impressions of RedState in recent weeks. We were not too happy…
  • Springboarding off of that we went over the mounting bias that is building in media circles.
  • Out at the Sundance Film Festival Netflix spent like a drunk at auction house, dropping $10 million on a documentary that featured Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Getting their money’s worth is unlikely.
  • On the subject of AOC, she was humiliated during a recent Congressional hearing, which is another example of her becoming an embarrassment for Dems. The Green New Deal was such a horrendous joke of a policy as to speculate if it was intentionally released to embarrass her.
  • The Washington Post had a fantastic breaking story about Liz Warren’s heritage, finding an original document from the 80’s. They were so proud of this they didn’t include this in the headline of a story they leaked just before the State Of The Union.
  • Rob Lowe cracked a joke on Twitter about Liz Warren’s heritage. It was tame and hardly offensive — so of course the left lost their minds complaining about it.
  • Andrew Cuomo was looking quite dyspeptic at a recent press conference. He found out his state lost over 2 BILLION in tax revenue, in just 2 months. Of course the confiscatory taxes in NY were not a cause, so he looked elsewhere for the blame.
  • With Virginia getting so much political attention from wingnut politicians it was only a matter of time before Florida would rear up with its patented craziness. A local politician had to step down from her position when it was revealed she has a history of face-licking. Your move, Virginia!

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