The Deification of St. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Nearly Complete

The liberal obsession with a lone SCOTUS justice is creepily unhealthy.

This weekend the film “On The Basis Of Sex” expands from its limited release into nearly 2,000 screens. The film covers the early career accomplishments of Supreme Court fixture Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Felicity Jones portrays the young Justice as a sparkplug lawyer, supported ardently by her husband, played by Armie Hammer.


This is a continuation of the current leftist adoration for Ginsburg that has been swelling in recent years. While over generations there have been select Supreme Court names who were elevated at one time or another, for various reasons, Ginsburg has become a rarity in that she is becoming a bonafide celebrity for the activist set. We can dare say no other Justice has been venerated in such a fashion.

“On The Basis Of Sex” becomes the second major release in theaters based on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, following last summer’s documentary “RBG”, a surprise hit (based on the limited threshold for success with documentaries.) This follows Ginsburg being referenced with growing frequency and glowing praise by liberals on social media.

In trying to capture some of the excitement over the release CNN – which served as part of the production of “RBG” – is broadcasting the documentary on its channels in encore repeats this weekend. To say there is a question of a news outlet funding a documentary on a standing justice is fair. To see said network turn fan-boy over the judge is flatly unsettling.


As another indicator of Ginsburg’s elevation to a star, approaching a deity, in the minds of the collective left look at the activity in the publishing world. She published her own memoir, “My Own Words”, released last fall. Additionally a number of other books have been written about the now famous judge:

“The Unstoppable Ruth Bader Ginsburg: An American Icon” – “Notorious RBG: The Life And Times Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg” – “Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Life – “Sisters In Law: How Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went To The Supreme Court And Changed The World” – “Free To Be Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Story Of Women And Law” – “You Can’t Spell Truth Without Ruth: An Unauthorized Collection of Witty & Wise Quotes from the Queen of Supreme, Ruth Bader Ginsburg” – “The Legacy Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg” – “Ginsburg Rules: A Collection of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court Decisions” – “No Truth Without Ruth: The Life Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg”, and a number of other unauthorized biographies are also available.

To go along with these are at least four books on the judge written for children, a coloring book, as well as a number of blank journals for inspiration. The oddest is there is one “RBG Workout” book, in case anyone wanted to follow the regimen of an octogenarian. When the documentary was being set for release I was offered the opportunity to interview her conditioning coach. This was presented as a serious option for the film’s pre-release media.


I declined, as I really could think up only one question to ask: “Do people exist who really care about her workout routines enough to want to hear what you have to say?”

As exhaustive as this publishing flood appears consider this: all of these titles have only been published from 2016. The recent outflow of content follows her ascendency in the eyes of the liberal crowd, but it also raises a question: why this sudden affection?

The release of the film this weekend coincides with Ginsburg’s 25th anniversary on The Court, but with little of note from the bench it appears her recent adoration has been as a reaction to the election of Donald Trump. As women’s movements have grown in the wake of November 2016 her import as a major feminist figure has become exaggerated.

A component to this is the excessive focus the left places on the court system as a means of exacting its agenda. Look back to this fall and the hysterics generated by the Democrats and the press over the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. The overheated claims of abortion rights being repealed with his appointment means the unhealthy focus on Ginsburg as their patron saint has only expanded.

This will be slightly revealed over the weekend, as “Basis” is expected to only perform moderately, with a chance of making the top-10 at the box office. It indicates that as there is a fervency over Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it is confined to a component of the hyper-political left. This is not a widespread love affair felt across the country.


It should be regarded as something of a character litmus test. Anyone with that much of a vested interest in a Court Justice they become elevated to celebrity status is revealing a bit of an unhealthy obsession over things political. Be it a member of the media well – that only exacerbates the problem.


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