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Sony reboots and finds diamonds on the soles of its shoes.

This is the glut portion of summer, where every week another massive tentpole release arrives and no monster hit is allowed the time to breathe and collect long term success. This week a restructured franchise that has already been restructured was relaunched into a choked released slate.


Let’s take a look at what audiences chose to see when they run inside and take shelter from the heat.  Okay, “how they wanted to be entertained”. Whichever you think is the cause….


  1.  SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING – $117 million

There was a bit of hesitancy given this is the second reboot of this franchise, which has now seen 3 different actors in the role in 15 years. However Sony (the studio owning the character’s rights) was wise to team with Marvel this time around. The comics giant was key in the production, and the character has been folded into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This has appeased the hardcore fanboys as well as the basic fans of the character. Audiences gave this a solid CinemaScore of “A”, so there will be weeks of swinging in the top-10 ahead. 20th Century Fox – which has fumbled The Fantastic Four numerous times – should take note.


  1.  DESPICABLE ME 3 – $33.9m

Looking at a respectable sophomore drop of -53% in the face of a comic book juggernaut sucking most of the oxygen out of the theaters. This franchise is still healthy and has already drawn $300million globally. This means there will be more of the fulvous fiends arriving in the future.



  1.  BABY DRIVER – $12.75m

The hunger by adults for a distraction means this is not close to hitting the brakes. A strong second week hold of -38% sees this critical darling getting a lengthy run off a modest budget.


  1.  WONDER WOMAN – $10.13M

Going so strong that it is only dropping small amounts of screens. After 6 weeks she still is showing on over 3,000 theaters. Globally Diana has been equally impressive, having drawn in $750million overall.



Domestically this franchise has been on autopilot. This once titanic series now sees a -65% drop and shedding 900 screens, as it struggles to get over the $100 mark. Globally however they are drawing, with $340million from foreign theaters.


  1.  CARS 3 – $5.63m

So odd to see a Pixar film in summer being largely forgotten. Already on 1,500 fewer screens from its opening, this one has thrown a rod and is stuck in the pits.


  1.  THE HOUSE – $4.8m

A not horrible hold of -45% means little after the dismal opening for this comedy with lowered property values. They hoped for a high box office ceiling, but instead the roof was on fire. (I’m really not proud of myself here.)



  1.  THE BIG SICK – $3.65M

This small independent comedy out of Sundance has had strong word of mouth, so Lionsgate expanded into just over 300 theaters, with a hefty screen average of $3,400. May end up seeing further expansion as a counter-program option.


  1.  47 METERS DOWN –– $2.77m

Lingering for weeks but it will fall short of hitting the very synchronous $47 million mark.


  1.  THE BEGUILED – $2.08M

Another indie option that sits in a few theaters while outdrawing some vastly larger failed epics.


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