Dems Who Oppose Gorsuch on Citizens United Have No Problem Taking Planned Parenthood Cash


As the confirmation vote arrives for Judge Neil Gorsuch there is a mad last hour grasp by Senate Democrats.

The zeal to prevent a wildly capable judge from getting approved for the Supreme Court has gone into overdrive. Democrats have ignored the fact that Gorsuch has previously received unanimous support from the Senate for a seat on a Court of Appeals, in 2006. He also has recently been given a unanimous vote of the highest rating from The American Bar Association.


The Senate Democrats however are less concerned with competency than partisanship. The list of items brought up in an attempt to disqualify Gorsuch is ever evolving. Sen. Al Franken beclowned himself when he challenged the judge on a lone case, and Gorsuch was so well versed on things Franken had to return the next day conceding his points. The latest challenge is a charge of plagiarism, farcically being delivered by BuzzFeed,  an outlet familiar with plagiarism itself.

One of the other Gorsuch challenges echoed by numerous Democrat Senators is the judge’s stance on the infamous Citizens United case ruled by SCOTUS. The primary complaint made by those on the left is the bothersome notion that “corporations are people” when it comes to donating to political campaigns. There is a reason this rankles the left; they view corporate entities as primarily right-leaning, and it is seen as a way the GOP has  an unfair  advantage.

Yet what is telling is that while carping about the dollars in politics Citizens United was initially focused on corporations, the titular group in that case was a non-profit organization. And the democrats love them so organized donations. Case in point: just as these Senators of the left attempt to demonize Gorsuch over this case they are cashing checks from Planned Parenthood at a wild rate.


This seemingly is not a problem, but don’t ask them to explain why. Of course, the primary difference is that corporations are donating money they have taken in through the marketplace. Planned Parenthood derives its money through federal grants. This means they are in fact taking in supposedly needed tax dollars, and funneling that money almost exclusively to Democrat candidates. It is a corrupt  payola scam, where the group curries favor in Washington, takes in more taxpayer money, and then greases the politicians with reward money.

And whether this is through direct donations, individual  payouts, or the use of numerous PACs, Democrats are the primary recipients of this rigged payout scam with  our taxes. You can be assured this is a detail not addressed in any of the grandstanding complaint speeches today over Neil  Gorsuch.


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