WATCH: Hamas Simps Show Up at Jake Tapper's House, What Happens Next Is Hilarious

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Is there a more unlikeable group of people on earth than those who call themselves "pro-Palestinians"? Those who simp for Hamas have figured out the perfect combination of being useless and insufferable. It's almost a skill at this point. You have to try to be as obnoxious as they are, and no one exemplifies that more than Code Pink. 


While the organization claims to be "anti-war" and gained notoriety during the George W. Bush era, Code Pink is full of terrorist fluffers who just hate the West. You won't find them protesting outside the Russian Embassy, for example, but if there's a terrorist to support, they are there, and Hamas is their latest crush. 

In an ironic moment, some of Code Pink's members showed up outside the home of CNN's Jake Tapper. I say ironic because Tapper has been the consummate fence-sitter when it comes to Israel's war against Hamas. No, he's not Mehdi Hasan, directly giving aid and comfort to terrorists. Still, he'll repeat the casualty numbers provided by the "Gaza Ministry of Health" and wag his finger at Benjamin Netanyahu. You wouldn't think he'd be a prime target for the Hamas simps, but as I noted, they have an uncanny ability to make everyone hate them. 


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To set the scene, the protesters showed up and started shouting into a bullhorn about how Israel bombed the Al-Ahli hospital. As RedState reported in late 2023, the hospital was not bombed. Rather, the parking lot area was hit by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket that fell short. While the "Gaza Ministry of Health" initially claimed 500 to 700 dead, the actual death toll was around 25 people. It was one of the first major hoaxes of the war. Apparently, these protesters didn't get the memo. More likely, they just don't care because they lie like they are breathing. 


Regardless, amid the protest, something hilarious happened:

If you can't watch the video, Tapper's kids come to the window and start blaring "The Star Spangled Banner." They then begin laughing and waving, triggering the every-loving mess out of the protesters:

PROSTESTER ONE: We hope you're proud. You may be laughing now, but one day, you will realize the damage that your dad will cause, and I promise, this big house won't be worth it. 

PROTESTER TWO: You're waving, and you think it's really funny, but the truth is that it's really sick. Okay, you should walk away.

They get so mad when you make fun of them, which means making fun of them is absolutely the right choice.

On a more serious note, Tapper is set to host the upcoming presidential debate. Do you think this will affect his tone given the Biden administration has repeatedly coddled the people who showed up at his house? Probably not, but it's at least a possibility. If those were my kids and terrorist supporters showed up to harass them in their own home, I'd probably be reconsidering the situation. 




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