Biden Announces His New Amnesty Plan, and His Brain Goes Haywire in the Process

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Joe Biden has officially announced a new amnesty plan that will cover around a million illegal immigrants. By what legal authority does he have to take such action? The answer is likely none, but when has that ever stopped him? After all, the speed of his pen is faster than the speed of the courts. 


The president and his handlers held a ceremony at the White House marking the move, and it was another event full of "cheap fakes," as Karine Jean-Pierre likes to falsely call Biden's senile moments. Things kicked off with Jill Biden leading the entourage and taking the podium. 

We all realize Jill Biden is going to run for president in 2028, right? She is essentially the acting president right now, and she's not shy about letting it be known. Why else would she be leading the way to announce a likely illegal executive order about illegal immigration? This isn't school lunches or an anti-bullying campaign. This is Jill Biden's ambition being laid bare, so much so that she's willing to abuse her elderly husband to hang onto power.

That's exactly what this is.

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In the clip, Biden appears to forget the name of his secretary of Homeland Security. In doing so, his brain turns to pudding for several seconds before he mumbles something about not introducing him. As Biden's brain breakages go, that's probably one of the worst yet. 

Remember we are currently in the middle of a national argument over whether videos of the president appearing senile are "misleading." Tell me, what's misleading about that video? Where's the malicious edit? Where's the broader context that makes it not what it looks like? Believe your eyes and ears. They aren't lying to you. 

What do you even say at this point? Given we've got at least another seven months of this guy in office, I suppose I'll have to come up with something because he never ceases to provide material. To reiterate past articles on his mental decline, this isn't normal and it's not a stutter. There is no way this guy can serve another four years. 

As to the meat of his speech, Biden insulted Americans (while slurring his speech) by suggesting their anger about the border crisis is based on ignorance. 


BIDEN: We can both secure the border and provide legal pathways to citizenship. We have to acknowledge that the patience and the goodwill of the American people is being tested by their fears at the border. They don't understand a lot.

No, we all understand perfectly. Biden's border policies have been a disaster and have led to the worst illegal immigration crisis in the nation's history. Democrats always believe that any opposition to their dangerous and idiotic decision-making is based on a lack of knowledge. If only we were all as enlightened as them, we'd realize that nearly 10 million illegal immigrants flooding the border in three years is a good thing. No one is buying it, nor are they buying the following abject lies:


BIDEN: Every nation must secure its borders. It's that simple, and if Trump and Republicans wouldn't do it working with me, then I would do it on my own, and I did.

Trump isn't in government, so I'm not sure how he would work with Biden to secure the border. Regardless, the idea that Biden has secured the border as he proclaims it is simply false. He has done everything but secure the border, and the results have been catastrophic, both for those at the border and for Americans in the interior dealing with the fallout. There is no hiding how bad things are, and no amount of amnesty giveaways is going to change that. Biden may think he's buying votes from Hispanics with this, but there's a good chance it only makes them resent him more. 



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