INFURIATING: UCLA Hamas Encampment Fanatics Get No Jail Time, and It Gets Worse From There

AP Photo/Stefan Jeremiah

I can't say I'm surprised given I predicted this, but that doesn't make it any less absurd. According to a local news report in California, the violent pro-Hamas students who set up an illegal encampment and trashed the UCLA campus received no jail time. 


Instead, as documented by the reporter for "Good Day LA," they were only given citations. Worse? They were also handed a free meal to take with them. 

REPORTER: She says she's a student and she's just being released. As I said, you'll see she has a citation, she also has her breakfast here, and she certainly will be supported by other protesters who have also been released in front of the Twin Towers Correctional Facility as well as fellow protesters who are here just to welcome them as they leave the facility here. 

By the way, they're not being brought inside the facility itself. From what I understand, they are being processed at a parking lot outside as they are bused in here from the UCLA campus.

The students (and many non-students) were arrested early Thursday just before dawn. Police had to fight their way through lines of violent "protesters," including some who had occupied Royce Hall. The terrorist supporters threw urine, rocks, and bottles in an attempt to save themselves from arrest. Hours later, the area was finally cleared. 


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At the time, I said this about the likelihood of the hammer being dropped. 

As I and others have pointed out several times, none of this ends until charges are brought and jail time is given. If this raid only succeeds in clearing the encampment, it will be reconstituted in short order. There must be heavy legal repercussions to serve as a deterrent going forward. Expulsions of students who participated are also in order. 

Will any of that happen? Only time will tell, but given the political dynamics at play in Los Angeles, it's hard to believe the hammer will be dropped.

Sure enough, not only were the violent "protesters" released immediately, but they were also handed free food on the way out to take to the crowd of Hamas supporters outside. None of them even saw the inside of a jail cell. They were processed in a parking lot before being let go so they could triumphantly march out. 

Given they were handed citations, it's not even clear if any further charges were filed that would require them to reappear. You can bet not a single one of them will be made to pay for the enormous physical damage they inflicted either.


Do you know what happens next? These terrorist simps will simply reoccupy the campus in due time, emboldened to push the envelope even further. 

None of this stops without real consequences, including jail time and expulsions, and the weak leadership in Los Angeles and at UCLA have no interest in making those things happen. 

At this point, I hope another encampment is built and I hope UCLA is sued into the ground by the Jewish students who have been and will be harassed and abused. These liberal bastions need to suffer under the repercussions of their cowardice. 



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