NBC News' Latest DeSantis Hit Piece Proves You Don't Hate the Mainstream Press Enough

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

I regret to inform you that NBC News has just delivered an epic takedown of Ron DeSantis. According to the left-wing news outlet, DeSantis thinks the children of political opponents should be off-limits. Contrary to his claim, though, he's attacked Hunter Biden for being a criminally charged crack addict with a history of trafficking women.


Boom! What an absolute hypocrite that dirty DeSantis is, right? 

“I think the kids are out of bounds. I didn’t think that was an appropriate thing to do,” said DeSantis, who has three young children.

“I keep the kids out of it for sure,” he added of his own conduct.

But out on the campaign trail, the governor does not shy from making a punchline out of Hunter Biden, 53, joking about his history of addiction and embarrassing details of his personal life that have surfaced publicly.

Think about how a story like that gets written. Someone within the newsroom of one of the world's largest outlets got up in the morning and thought, "You know what we need? An article calling Ron DeSantis a hypocrite as a means to simp for Hunter Biden." That's an actual decision that was formulated and made by an editor. It's just incredible. 

The background here is an attack on Vivek Ramaswamy at the third Republican presidential debate on Nikki Haley. Ramaswamy was looking for a wedge regarding China with the former South Carolina governor and brought up her adult daughter's use of TikTok. Apparently, NBC News thinks that's totally the same thing as talking about Hunter Biden, who is currently facing federal gun charges with the promise of another indictment in the future.


You don't hate the mainstream press enough. These people are moral degenerates who actually see fit to defend a guy who trafficked women and used his father's political career to make millions of dollars in possibly illegal payments from foreign governments. That they'd wrap it up in a ridiculous false comparison just to take a shot at a popular Republican makes it even worse. 

To make it abundantly clear for the clowns over at NBC News, Hunter Biden is 53 years old, and he is not in the news for using TikTok. He is in the news because he did awful things and got caught doing them. He's also in the news because his father, the current President of the United States, appears to have benefited from his son's corrupt business dealings. 

In summary, a candidate's daughter using TikTok is not noteworthy. A candidate's son being indicted is. I hope that helps.


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