Polish Voters Just Nuked Themselves

AP Photo/Alastair Grant

In news that will likely see Europe descend further into chaos, Poland's national conservative party failed to garner the necessary majority to remain in power during the nation's recent election. 


Despite leading all other parties with 37 percent of the vote, the right-wing Law and Justice Party does not appear to have the votes necessary to form a government. Instead, the second-place finishing Civic Coalition, which won 30 percent of the vote in Poland, will almost certainly end up in power, with left-winger Donald Tusk being the expected leader.

Tusk, who is a former European Council official, ran on a familiar campaign of "saving democracy," a message that apparently resonated as turnout for the election reached levels not seen since 1989. That was the year Poland overthrew communism, an irony that shouldn't be lost on anyone paying attention.

What were the other key issues? Inflation has hit Poland hard, as it has many other European countries, but perhaps the issue that really helped tilt the scales was abortion. Turnout for 18 to 29-year-olds bested turnout for those over 60, with many young women showing up to the polls seeking expanded abortion access. 


To signal that, members of the Civic Coalition donned white to represent women's suffrage after the exit poll results were announced.

In other words, it appears that Polish voters just nuked themselves in the hopes of garnering the ability to eliminate more babies in the womb. It's an absolutely imbecilic, short-sighted move given the challenges facing Europe, not the least of which is mass illegal immigration from hostile nations. 

Poland currently enjoys one of the lower crime rates on the continent (despite being a historically poor country with deep-seated disadvantages going back to the genocide committed there during World War II), and part of that is a strict immigration policy that has not allowed mass illegal immigration from Islamist countries in the Middle East. 


With the Civic Coalition in charge and its deep desire to receive backslaps from the Eurotrash, you can expect that policy to change. Poland will be far worse off for it. There's also no reason to believe that left-wing governance will fix the existing economic issues. In fact, there's plenty of reason to believe that things will be made worse.

In the span of a week, New Zealand rejected its left-wing government while Australia voted in a way to signal they are ready to do the same. Meanwhile, Poland is going in the opposite direction, believing that further acceptance by the European Union will pay dividends. That's a naive pursuit, and when it backfires, Polish voters will have no one to blame but themselves. 


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