The Worst 9/11 Takes of 2023 Go Forth and Show the Derangement of the Left

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On the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Americans remember those who lost their lives. For just a day, in an increasingly polarized country, there is at least one topic that everyone can unify around. Well, almost everyone. 


There are always a few people exclusively on the left who just can't help themselves. Who can forget Rep. Ilhan Omar's infamous "some people did something" dismissal or Chuck Todd lamenting "threats from within" as being greater than the threats that rammed two planes into the World Trade Center?

So who gave the worst takes this year? The day isn't over yet, but I think we can already answer that question. We begin with S.V. Date, the White House correspondent who once said that January 6th was "1000 times worse" than 9/11.

In his post, Date supposes that 9/11 could never actually harm our democracy but that January 6th was the true threat in that regard. Of course, that ignores that Osama Bin Laden wanted to fly a plane into the Capitol Building or the White House (it's not certain what the specific target was), only being stopped by brave individuals on Flight 93. I think killing the president or most of Congress would represent just a bit more serious of an attack on our democracy than some rioters walking around taking selfies for a couple of hours. 


Let me be clear. January 6th, whatever one thinks of the riot, was not a serious threat to any facet of governance. There was no scenario, not a single one, whereby a few hundred protesters had any mechanism to overthrow the government and assume power. No guns were used inside the Capitol, and in the end, those inside spent most of their talking meandering around, and shouting at people. That doesn't make January 6th acceptable, but some perspective is desperately needed. Nearly 3,000 people dying in a direct attack on the United States is far more damaging than a riot in which one person died, and that was a protester who was shot by police. 

Regardless, Mehdi Hasan also got in on the act, suggesting that we should be worried about "Chile's 9/11" on a day when Americans are singularly focused on the actual 9/11. 


No, I didn't know that because I don't care. Not in the least. Did the CIA help incite a coup in Chile in 1973 against its then-communist leader? That sounds perfectly possible, and yet I think Hasan's call to remember that on the anniversary of 9/11 is ridiculously tone-deaf.

This isn't difficult. Stop comparing other things to 9/11. Nothing compares to it, and it's insulting to the memory of those who died to play these political games. January 6th was a pointless riot in which the people involved were punished harshly. Chile is a country in South America with a long history of political corruption. They aren't 9/11. 



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