Rachel Maddow's Latest Trump Meltdown Is One for the Ages

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There are a lot of really ridiculous people who regularly appear on MSNBC. From Nicole Wallace to Mehdi Hassan, the network is chock full of irrational hysterics who truly believe they are saving democracy by being partisan hacks. 


Then there's Rachel Maddow, who manages to cough her inane rants in an air of intellectualism that even manages to fool some people on the right (though, very few). She's just so darn smart, we are all assured.

Personally, I'd take issue with that characterization, especially after her latest monologue. Do you know how some Republicans accuse those who don't prefer Trump as the 2024 GOP nominee of having "Trump Derangement Syndrome" even if they'll vote for him in the general election? While that's the kind of argument a mental midget makes, Maddow manages to show us what it really looks like. 

So let me get this straight. According to Maddow, Donald Trump, if he retakes the White House in 2024, is going to somehow cancel all U.S. elections going forward in order to make himself president for life. How is he going to do that? Well, she doesn't say because such an assertion is utterly insane and unfounded in any facts or logic. 


Think about it. Let's say that Trump is crazy enough to want to anoint himself president for life. I'm not personally saying he is, but let's take Maddow's position on that point so as to game this out. If that's true, wouldn't Trump have just done that following the 2020 election? Instead of pressing for recounts and investigations into an election he believes was stolen, wouldn't he have just declared himself king and locked himself in the White House? If he didn't do that in 2020, what evidence is there to suggest he's somehow going to do that in 2028? 

Of course, all those questions ignore the fact that Trump couldn't do that even if he wanted to. Elections are state-level affairs. The certification of the presidential election in Congress is a formality. Further, if Trump were to attempt to cancel the 2028 elections somehow, not even the reddest of the red states would go along with that. The elections would happen and Trump would quickly be arrested and removed from office after inauguration day. 

Still, those kinds of hypotheticals are pointless. If Trump wins the general election in 2024, he will have secured his desired redemption, which is a big reason he's even running again. He's not going to then try to stage an actual coup to make himself president for life in 2028. It's not going to happen, and anyone who believes that should check themselves in at their nearest mental hospital.


In other words, Maddow is just really dumb. I know she speaks in flowing sentences, makes sarcastic faces, and flutters her hands a lot, but she's not a smart person, and certainly, she's not an intellectual. She's just your run-of-the-mill far-left radical with a platform. She should be viewed accordingly. 



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