The Reaction of MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace to Trump's GA Booking Shows What Ghouls They Truly Are

Nicolle Wallace talks about Trump booking in Georgia. (Credit: MSNBC/Twitter)

The left has been salivating to get former President Donald Trump, and they were waiting for his booking in Fulton County, Georgia, with bated breath. 

Perhaps one of the worst responses from the liberal media was from Nicolle Wallace who seemed to be reveling in the fact that Trump was having to turn himself in at a very dangerous facility in the Georgia case concerning the 2020 election.


"Just a few minutes ago, Donald Trump -- the disgraced ex-president, the frontrunner for the Republican nominee for president, four times indicted -- departed his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. He’s en route to Fulton County, Georgia," Wallace reported. 

Wallace then seemed to be happy about the fact that it was a violent jail to which he had to go. 

"He will surrender himself for processing at an overcrowded jail with a reputation for violence and neglect. A jail that is accustomed to holding defendants facing charges up to and including violent crimes, where stabbings are frequent," Wallace said. She detailed how three people had been killed there over the past month.  "That jail is where the disgraced ex-president of these United States is heading right now," Wallace said, chuckling. 


As Bill D'Agostino observed in that tweet, she's a ghoul if she thinks this is funny and that Trump going to a violent jail is something to laugh at. Who thinks that way? Talk about a garbage reaction. She also doesn't seem to get that this doesn't reflect well on the officials who are trying to go after Trump, that they have a facility in such shape. 

Many called out what a despicable reaction this was, not only because of Trump, but how the deaths were just used as a foil to foster the Trump hate. 

That's where it seems like we are at this point. She wasn't the only one seeming to enjoy all this. Folks on the left not only want power and to win, but they want to make sure their opponents are crushed into the dirt, unable to rise again. And they wanted to revel in the taking of the scalp. 


But you have to hand it to Trump. He flipped the script on them. He came back to Twitter with a big message posting the mugshot and calling out the "election interference." He also said, "Never Surrender."  CNN detailed their fears that he was going to use it for fundraising, and it's hilarious that's exactly what he's doing. He has t-shirts, mugs, and even bumper stickers with it. He's got it up on his website. So the left's desire for the scalp has resulted in a flood of support for his campaign. Talk about karma. 



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