Finally Back From Vacation, Joe Biden Puts on a Clinic of Senility at the White House

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden loves to vacation. In fact, he's spent somewhere around 40 percent of his presidency living the high life while the rest of the nation suffers under his horrendous policies. 


His latest escapades included spending 23 of the last 30 days (as of this writing) between Rehoboth Beach and Lake Tahoe, with the latter holiday even being extended after Biden had to go to Hawaii for a few hours to survey fire damage. We wouldn't want him to not get his full vacay in, right? 

Never fear, though, because the President of the United States is back on the job. Did he head back into his official duties with a renewed sharpness and vigor? I'll let you be the judge of that. 

I mean, sure, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is one of the president's top cabinet officials and someone whom he has supposedly interacted with dozens upon dozens of times over the last several years. But is that any reason to expect Biden to actually remember his name? I mean, don't you just regularly forget the names of your closest associates? He's fine, guys. There's nothing to see here. Biden is just fine. 


Then again, there's this clip. 

China may be America's greatest geopolitical threat, but Biden's top enemy remains the teleprompter. The president's massive screen, decked out in font so big that only small fragments of sentences can be shown at a time, is simply too difficult to decipher. You have to admire the moxy to keep going to battle against it, though. That's tenacity. 

The clinic of senility wasn't over, though. There was also this incredibly odd moment in which Biden claims to have "literally" talked avowed segregationist Strom Thurmond into supporting the Civil Rights Act. 

It wasn't immediately clear what the president was talking about. The two major passages of the Civil Rights Act came in 1957 and 1968. Thurmond voted against both of them and Biden wouldn't enter the Senate until 1973. How he managed to "literally, not figuratively, talk Strom Thurmond into voting for the Civil Rights Act before he died" is anyone's guess. I've searched around for other bills he could be talking about and have come up empty, but I'll leave open the possibility that this was just more old-man confusion on the part of Biden and not outright dishonesty. 


Regardless, I don't think those vacations are doing Biden much good. Far from appearing fresh and energized, his decline appears as steep as ever. Still, perhaps it's better for everyone if he stays on as many of them as possible. At least there's less damage to be done in that case.


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