Report: Hunter Biden Was Blacklisted From Sex Club

Hunter Biden was once a member of an upscale Los Angeles sex club, which he was swiftly blacklisted from, while his membership payment was investigated by the IRS. In a now-deleted social media post, Damon Lawner, the prior owner and founder of the SNCTM club, wrote:


Hunter was a member of SNCTM and I canceled his membership after 1 party because he’s a scumbag.

Lawner made the post in light of Hunter’s sweetheart plea deal he was granted on Tuesday for federal gun crimes and criminal income tax charges, the result of a five-year investigation into President Joe Biden’s son. As a result of the social media post, Lawner lost his membership in the sex club for breaking an anonymity rule by revealing a past patron’s name.

Lawner said:

What I did on Instagram about Hunter was me letting people know that the type of behavior that he exhibited was something that upsets me. I knew by posting what I did it would put me in some hot water. But I had kept my mouth shut about Hunter for years because [the DOJ probe] was an ongoing case.

Hunter’s $10,000 membership payment was made through a mysterious woman in 2018 under an LLC that didn’t use Hunter’s name and later resulted in Lawner receiving a subpoena from the IRS criminal division. Although Lawner approved all membership applications, when he asked for additional information, the woman only provided that she would be accompanied by “a handsome man” and said his “name was Hunter and that he was a member of a prominent political family.” Lawner described the woman as “high as a kite and zonked out.”

On Hunter’s first and only visit to the club with the woman, he was asked to leave by Lawner, who said:


When I told Hunter he had to leave, that people were complaining about his behavior, he was belligerent and acted like a spoiled child. But he did leave.

Lawner never knew the identity of the “stoned guy” until the Hunter Biden laptop scandal hit the news cycle where he recognized the man as Joe Biden’s son. During the IRS probe, Lawner was party to an active investigation and was not allowed to speak out on his knowledge of Hunter or his activities.

Lawner said:

[The agent] told me I’m not in any trouble and that this is an ongoing investigation and I was not allowed to talk about the case.

On Nov. 1, 2021, Lawner said he received a subpoena by mail from the criminal division of the Internal Revenue Service. Lawner said the entities OWASCO, PC, and OWASCO, LLC were listed in the subpoena, and according to reports, these entities allegedly belong to Hunter. An IRS investigator questioned Lawner by phone, and he responded that he didn’t keep any records of the payments to “keep my club membership anonymous.” Lawner stated that he didn’t have further contact with the IRS and gathered they took no interest in Hunter’s sex club activities, but how the $10,000 membership was funded instead.

During a June 1 interview, an IRS whistleblower told members of Congress that a $10,000 sex club membership payment was improperly used as a tax write-off on Hunter’s 2018 filing, which was expensed as a “golf membership deposit.” The House Ways and Means committee made transcripts of the interview with IRS criminal supervisory special agent Gary Shapley.


In the transcript, the whistleblower states:

We’ve talked to the person that owned that sex club, and they confirmed that he was there.

While the name of the sex club was not revealed, Shapley told lawmakers that the payment was for a membership in Los Angeles, which is consistent with Lawner’s statements about Hunter’s activities at his former sex club. Hunter’s plea deal covers the 2018 filing when this tax write-off was claimed. In summary, Hunter defrauded the IRS, sexually abused and harassed women in a sex club, and got a tax write-off for it, too.

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