Joe Biden's Defense of the Chinese Will Leave You Wondering If He's Been Compromised

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

What do the Chinese communists have on Joe Biden? That’s become a very prudent question following the president’s latest commentary on the spy-balloon fiasco, which captured the nation’s attention back in February.


During a press gaggle on Saturday morning, Biden was asked about US relations with China. In response, he made a series of statements defending the CCP that can only be described as a historical low-point for American foreign policy.

No hyperbole, this is the type of clip that should lead to a litany of investigations.

REPORTER: Can Secretary Blinken ease tensions with China on this trip, do you think?

BIDEN: Sure, well look…(long pause)…China has…(long pause)…some legitimate difficulties unrelated, unrelated to the United States. And…I think, one of the things that that balloon caused was not so much that it got shot down, but I don’t think that the leadership knew where it was, and knew what was in it, and knew what was going on. I think it was more embarrassing than it was intentional.

And so, uh, I’m hoping that over the next several months, I’ll be meeting with Xi again, and talking about legitimate differences we have, but also how those areas we can get along.


It’s hard to overstate how much that answer is a total sell-out of US interests to a dictatorial Chinese regime that is currently committing genocide. Almost every word Biden utters in his answer is provably false. “I think it was more embarrassing than it was intentional,” the president mumbles in response to the reporter. It’s simply astonishing that he’d say that given what we know, and it’s all the worse that his commentary is being used to prop up Chinese propaganda on the incident.

To be more specific, saying that the Chinese leadership simply didn’t know where the balloon was, what was on the balloon, and what it was doing is a contention his own administration disagrees with. The White House and Pentagon have admitted the balloon was not simply off course. It was purposely flown over specific military installations to gather data that was then transmitted back to China. That’s one of the reasons Biden’s weakness in not shooting it down immediately was so egregious.

Biden has turned what was once the most powerful, respected nation on earth into a vassal state of China. What other explanation exists for that besides the president being completely compromised by the Chinese communists? We already know he and his corrupt son shared an office with a CCP-controlled businessman and that Biden participated in various dealings. We also know the Biden family received millions of dollars in unexplained money from China.


None of this can be looked at as a coincidence. Certainly, not in the shadow of Biden’s own public statements on China, which continue to range from sycophantic to dangerous. The White House seems hellbent on making the United States subservient to an oppressive, adversarial regime. That doesn’t produce the sexiest headlines, but it is the top foreign policy issue facing the nation.


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