Smoking Gun Evidence of Joe Biden's Involvement in 2017 Gas Deal With Chinese

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There’s newly discovered evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s and brother’s business ventures with the Chinese.

The Daily Mail has discovered an email on Hunter Biden’s laptop which names Joe Biden as being involved in discussing a $25 million gas deal.


Hunter and Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, were trying to set up a multi-million deal to send natural gas from the U.S. to China on behalf of the Chinese government-connected energy conglomerate CEFC in October 2017. Bob Fenet, a lawyer who was helping to set up the deal, sent an email to Hunter and Jim that he’d set up “a call from Joe Biden and Hunter Biden on Monday morning to discuss the purchase of the 5 million tons of gas.”

The call was to be with a contact who worked for Cheniere, a Texas energy company that Joe knew people at. Joe hired one of their board members as a climate adviser, later in 2020. and their former lobbyist and vice president, Ankit Desai was Joe Biden’s political director in 2005.

Jim Biden also sent a message to Fenet telling him that the Biden family was “often fraught with problems” that can come from working with family, but that the business was “all about family” and the people “we choose to do business with.”

Fenet proposed a deal that would provide “13 million metric tons” per year of LNG to the “Port in China” and said he could build a plant for “12 billion dollars.” Hunter then tried to work the other end of the deal with the CEFC chair Ye Jianming, saying the deal would provide “large quantities of LNG at very competitive rates while also advancing the long term goals of CEFC through a partnership or acquisition of a promising LNG terminal project in Louisiana.” Hunter also said he was trying to set up a meeting for Ye with the Chairman of Cheniere.


But Cheniere signed a deal with another Chinese company. The Bidens’ connection with CEFC also went under, after the Chinese connections with whom they had been dealing were arrested for bribery and corruption. But they’d already given millions in effort to the Biden family.

When they were asked for comment about the email, the White House didn’t respond.

This email indicating Joe’s involvement wasn’t the first evidence of Joe’s involvement in foreign business dealings with the Chinese with his son.

As we’ve already reported, there was also another email from 2017 that indicated that 10 percent was going to be held “by H for the big guy”; “H” was Hunter and Joe had previously been referred to as “the big guy” in the messages in the deal they were trying to work with CEFC. Business partner Tony Bobulinski also confirmed that Joe Biden had been involved.

Hunter also tried to set up an office that would have had shared offices with Joe and Jill Biden along with Gongwen Dong, one of Hunter’s Chinese business partners. That ultimately didn’t work out either.

Hunter also discussed setting up a consultancy firm with his father in 2017 and former FBI Louis Freeh proposed that Hunter and Joe join his consultancy firm in 2017, representing foreign clients.


Yet, Joe Biden has consistently claimed that he never discussed business with his son and never had anything to do with his son’s business associates.

I think it’s safe to say the latest evidence from this new email is one more lie from Joe Biden.


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