Sit-in at DeSantis Office Results in Arrests and One Legendary Photo

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Ron DeSantis continues to make all the right people upset, and a recent sit-in at his gubernatorial office resulted in arrests and one legendary photograph.

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Thomas Kennedy, a known activist who has long stalked DeSantis and been thrown out of multiple press conferences, put out a message on Twitter announcing that he and others were charged with trespassing. They were also banned from the Florida State Capitol Building for a year.

Local news site WTXL provides more information.

Multiple people were arrested Wednesday night at the Florida Capitol following a sit-in at Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office.

Their goal was to meet with the governor to discuss a legislative session that they say is attacking minority and LGBTQ-plus communities.

The activist group, Dream Defenders, says their rights were under attack during this legislative session.

Rights related to education, voting, housing and more.

In response to bills this session targeting diversity and inclusion, the Dream Defenders staged Wednesday’s sit-in.

Ashley Green, an organizer with the dream defenders says they would rather be spending time in their communities, but they feel the protests are necessary.

“People are trying to figure out how to pay their electric bill, people are trying to figure out how to put food on the table and we think that’s what our politicians should be focused on, what keeps the lights on and what puts food in people’s mouths, clothes on people’s backs not what can divide us across this country and across this state,” Green said.


Here’s the thing Ashley Green, who is quoted above as an organizer with “Dream Defenders,” needs to understand. The legislature and DeSantis are not trying to divide people. They are trying to protect children at the most basic level. If that issue is divisive, that’s a problem with those who would seek to sexualize and harm children, not those seeking to prevent it. In other words, a long, hard look in the mirror might be needed.

The same is true for other issues. Protecting Americans from corporate tyranny, enshrining constitutional carry, and stopping abortions are only divisive because liberals make them divisive. At the ground level, conservatives are taking common sense action. Further, it’s not the legislature’s job to “put food in people’s mouths,” though Florida is one of the most economically successful states in the union.

Regardless, laws exist for a reason, and left-wingers need to learn quickly that Florida is not New York. DeSantis isn’t going to put up with their temper tantrums. The only way you build deterrence is by enforcing the law. These arrests and subsequent charges are necessary to that effect.

On a lighter note, the sit-in produced an absolutely incredible picture that is too good not to share.


You have to love the contrast between the left-wingers raging in the governor’s office and the staffer chowing down on a piece of cake as if nothing they are doing matters. Of course, that’s because nothing they are doing matters. Does anyone think DeSantis is swayed by protests? He’s the type that will just drop the hammer and double down. That’s why he’s so popular not just on the right, but with everyone in his state.

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