'Preacher' Kamala Harris Shows up in Nashville to Deliver a Grotesque Political Spectacle

AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski

Kamala Harris is truly the most tone-deaf, incapable politician of the modern era. She’s so terrible that she makes Hillary Clinton seem personable and compelling.


That reality was on full display on Friday as Harris jetted off to Nashville to visit the “Tennessee Three” and to stump for gun control. That decision came after the Biden administration originally all but ignored the tragic mass shooting by a transgender militant that set off the current chain of events. To this day, no one within the administration has even mentioned that the murderer purposely targeted Christians in an obvious hate crime.

To that effect, it was also obvious that Harris had no intention of visiting Nashville until it became politically convenient to do so. While administration officials, including Joe Biden himself, had previously gone to the sites of school shootings in the past, this one was largely ignored and obfuscated. Yet, the moment three Democrats perpetrated an insurrection at the Tennessee capitol, Harris decided it was time to put boots on the ground.

There wasn’t even any question about what the vice president’s priorities were in making the trip. Her own staff bragged about them.


Imagine being one of the parents who lost a child in the Nashville shooting, having been ignored for nearly two weeks only to have the vice president show up to proclaim solidarity with spoiled, fame-seeking legislators who used a mob to shut down the legislature. Three dead children (and six deaths total) weren’t enough to move Harris, but meeting with insurrectionists was.

I can’t say for sure whether the vice president met with any of the families after finally making it to Nashville, but if she did, no one is talking about it. That would seem unlikely given how much the administration has bragged about such interactions in the past. What Harris definitely did, though, was pull out her “preacher” voice to shout about the “real” victims.

She’s about as likable as a swift kick in the face, and the above clip is illustrative of that. She has the audacity to go to what I assume is a church (given the organ in the background) to scream and gyrate about silencing people, while standing on the bodies of dead children to do so. Dead children, I might add, that she didn’t show any care for at all until some Democrats were expelled from the legislature in the same city.


I sometimes hesitate to use the word in regard to politics because it can be overwrought, but that seems objectively evil to me. This is a person who plugged “Trans Day of Visilbity” in the same week a transgender militant murdered children for political reasons. Harris has refused to describe the act as a hate crime despite it clearly being one. Instead, she and the administration decided that the “trans community” was under attack, when it was a trans person who committed the mass shooting in question.

One can only come to one conclusion: These people do not care about you. They only care about what is politically expedient for themselves. Even still, it’s shocking to see how far they’ve pushed the envelope on that front, literally ignoring the targeted killing of children to instead prioritize sympathy for insurrectionists. It’s an unconscionable, grotesque spectacle.

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