Landmark Study Vindicates Everyone Who Touted Natural Immunity to COVID-19

We are going to need a new industry that simply spends its time fact-checking the so-called “fact-checkers.” That’s the story after a new landmark study published in The Lancet offered vindication to everyone who touted natural immunity to COVID-19 as an alternative to vaccination.


For years, the powers that be, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House, and the press, dismissed the idea of taking natural immunity into account when debating vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

They were wrong, so much so that even the mainstream media are having to admit it.

This study also puts to rest another common talking point, which is that natural immunity only came into play with Omicron. Yet, if you look at the longest lines on each of the above graphs (those represent natural immunity compared to various vaccine dosages), natural immunity provides the most durable protection against all variants.

The elites were wrong, and they destroyed countless lives in the process. Worse, they wanted to keep how wrong they were a secret. This kind of study could have been done two years ago to bring clarity to the situation. In fact, Israel did a similar study way back in 2021 that gave nearly the same results. It was ignored while the Biden administration and its press allies continued to push the need for vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.


How many people lost their jobs over that decision? How many people missed time with family members they’ll never get back because those family members died alone? How many people were booted out of the military for failing to get a vaccine they didn’t need? The number of horrible outcomes brought on by Biden, Fauci, and others refusing to acknowledge natural immunity is too long to list. The harm was immeasurable.

Yet, even in the midst of this news, the “experts” are doing their best to downplay it. Here’s a line within the NBC News report on the matter. The article also goes on to still plug getting boosters because it’s become a religious rite at this point.

Dr. Bob Wachter, the chairman of the department of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, said he did not expect the protection acquired from infection to be as robust as the meta-analysis found.

“The protection against severe infection, both the extent and the length of it at almost a year, is really surprisingly high,” said Wachter, who was not involved with the research.

These are the people who misled you for years. Their opinions should be dismissed with prejudice, and Americans shouldn’t forget who took their freedoms away based on non-existent data. The CDC had the ability and sample size available to stringently test natural immunity within the first eight to ten months of the pandemic. They didn’t do so because they didn’t want to do so. Keeping up the justification for Biden’s terrible policies (as well as many terrible state-level policies) took precedence. Hold them accountable.




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