Biden Delivers Mind-Numbingly Perplexing Presser on COVID Vaccinations


In what felt like a trip back in time, the White House held a press conference on Tuesday to push yet more COVID vaccinations on people. Joe Biden spoke while being flanked by Anthony Fauci and Ashish Jha, both officials who have lied to the American people in the past in order to try to manipulate them.


But this is Washington, DC, we are talking about, so consequences simply don’t exist. Fauci will eventually retire as the highest-paid government employee in US history, and I’m sure Jha will have a long career suckling at the taxpayer teet.

Regardless, you could understand my confusion when Biden decided to hold yet another presser, in the year of our Lord, 2022, proclaiming COVID a “global health emergency.” After all, this is the same guy who said the “pandemic is over” during an interview back in September. Did something happen I’m not aware of?

So what was this all about? Apparently, far from some major new development regarding COVID-19, this was just another government-paid advertisement for Pfizer. US deaths from the virus have actually been dropping over the last month, and as of this writing, they stand at just a little over 300 a day.

Yet, here’s the president sounding as if it’s August of 2020.


Why? Why should I go get vaccinated when I already have natural immunity? Why is the government pushing this at all when virtually everyone in the country has gained immunity either through prior infection or prior vaccination? What data is being used to turn the COVID-19 shots into a yearly injection? Where is the evidence that natural immunity is waning?

Of course, none of those answers were provided at Biden’s presser. Rather, we got the same lies that the president has been spewing for nearly two years now.

That is just false. You are not putting anyone else at risk by not getting vaccinated because the vaccines do not stop the transmission of COVID-19. In fact, the New York Supreme Court just ruled that all public employees fired for not getting vaccinated must be reinstated. The reason for their decision? That the vaccines don’t stop the spread of the virus.


There was never any justification for vaccine mandates and passports, and the idea that you were going to kill grandma by not getting vaccinated yourself was always a lie. Continuing to repeat those falsehoods in an attempt to shame people into getting a “booster” is unconscionable. Stop trying to weaponize science with misleading assertions.

I honestly have no idea what the point of this White House presser was. It’s late 2022, not early 2021. There is no reason to still be indiscriminately promoting the vaccines while not acknowledging natural immunity, never mind the virtually non-existent risks to younger, healthier people.


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