Amidst a Fight With the Teleprompter, Joe Biden Ghoulishly Politicizes the MSU Shooting

Jacquelyn Martin, Pool

Joe Biden is so good at his job. In fact, according to Karine Jean-Pierre, he’s the best communicator the administration has. No one speaks more clearly and elegantly.


Yeah, well, except that’s not true at all. The President of the United States is a frail old man caught up in a running gun battle with his own senility. That battle continued on Tuesday with the teleprompter being Biden’s top foe.

Remember, that’s the best communicator the White House has. You can only stand in awe of the president’s ability to connect with an audience. Conversely, this continues to be incredibly embarrassing and possibly harmful given that American adversaries are pointing and laughing.

But I digress, it wasn’t Biden’s inability to read massive font on a giant television that stuck out the most during his speech. Rather, it was this gross attempt to politicize the recent Michigan State University shooting.

What are the facts? The facts are that the shooter used a handgun, not a semi-automatic rifle. He was also a felon who had previous gun charges dismissed by a progressive prosecutor in the name of social justice. “Assault weapons” that hold “50, 70 bullets” were not a factor in the tragedy that played out on the MSU campus, and there was essentially no viable gun law that could have prevented what happened. The location was already a gun-free zone, and the shooter had no legal right to possess a gun.


Yet, this shameless ghoul we call president decided to appropriate the deaths of three students to push his unrelated, self-serving political pet project. What an absolute clownish, degrading thing to do.

Bad people do bad things. There is not always a magical government solution to every problem. In this case, the man appears to have been mentally ill. Using his murderous act as a way to push an irrelevant “assault weapons” ban when he didn’t even use an assault weapon is disgusting. Unfortunately, it’s completely on brand for Biden, though.


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