WATCH: Woman Draws Cheers Confronting a Deranged Trans Activist Over Bathroom Policy

A recent episode of BBC Question Time, a political debate show in the United Kingdom, produced a viral exchange between a woman and a man who claims to be a woman.


In the video, a woman from the audience (who isn’t identified in the clip) confronts a trans activist and fame seeker named India Willoughby, who is sitting on the debate panel. Willoughby is a man who believes he has a right to use the restroom with actual women under the guise of so-called trans-inclusivity.

Instead of backing down, the woman in the audience says what almost everyone is thinking, and she draws applause and cheers in the process.

The logic being applied by the trans activist is just mind-numbing. According to him, it’s just like racism to deny men the right to use the women’s restroom. You know, other than the fact that transwomen are welcome to use the restroom that matches who they actually are. I know this may be confusing for some, but men should just use the men’s restroom. Women should not be forced to feel uncomfortable and at risk to soothe the wants of a man with severe mental illness (to the point of surgically altering their male body).


Willougby and another member of the panel try to push the idea that transwomen are actually women, and the woman in the audience says the thing you aren’t supposed to say. Namely, that transwomen aren’t actually women. Cheers erupt after that line, far more than the trans activist gets when he insists that’s not true and he’s just like “black people.”

One of the other panelists supported the woman in the audience, drawing applause as well.

Because Twitter is not real life, if you read the replies, there are lots of people saying that the woman in the audience isn’t being “considerate” of “minorities.” But here’s the question the trans community never has a good answer for: Why do their wants trump that of women who want to be safe in their own bathrooms, an arrangement that has existed for much of the existence of civilized society?


Isn’t it inconsiderate to demand a woman bend to the will of a transwoman? Why can’t the transwoman be considerate and just use the men’s restroom? As the panelist in the second clip says, actual women have become an afterthought, with the feelings of delusional men being valued over women who just want to use the freaking restroom in peace.

I’m telling you, the majority aren’t for this transgender insanity, especially as it infringes on the basic rights of women, and that majority isn’t all that silent. More and more people are eschewing political correctness and just speaking the truth. Let’s hope it continues.


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