Beauty, Biology, and Why the Trans Agenda Ultimately Fails

Ice Skater Minna-Maaria Antikainen Represents Transgender Fail
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This weekend, at the European Figure Skating Championships in Espoo, Finland, the debut performance of the first transgender figure skater was lauded as “history-making,” and was a spectacle to behold. As real female figure skaters held their national flags, Minna-Maaria Antikainen, who was born as Markku-Pekka Antikainen, practically wobbled onto the ice with arms outstretched and attempted to perform a simple routine circuit.


Emphasis on wobbly, because Antikainen ends up stumbling and falling, and cannot even get back up from the ice! Ouch. A real female skater who bore the Finnish flag comes to the rescue, and helps Antikainen up, then hands the trans skater the national flag.



WOW. This is mortifying — and tragic. As Stephen Green at our sister site, PJ Media, wrote:

Nevertheless, Antikainen was chosen as the headline act in a “diversity” showcase at the opening ceremony of the ISU European Figure Skating Championships last week.

There’s nothing wrong with diversity. There’s everything wrong with putting a 59-year-old farmer who can barely skate out there as an “ice princess.”

Give some small kudos to Antikainen for having the balls to go out there, even though he had to know that he would look exactly like what he is: A 59-year-old man in a sparkly dress who can’t skate very well.

Antikainen’s true humiliation didn’t come until after he’d fallen. That’s when an actual woman — an actual ice princess, who must have been half his weight — had to help him up off his knees. That unnamed skater demonstrated genuine feminine strength and grace, unlike Finland’s mock ice princess.

If you were looking for a perfect (and perfectly awful) example of why men can’t be women, this was it.

BOOM. Men cannot get pregnant. Men cannot menstruate. Now we know that men cannot pretend to be female figure skaters.

Antikainen was a farmer who decided to transition from male to female nine years ago, and also train as a figure skater.


The mind boggles.

Now, had Antikainen been a trained figure skater before he transitioned, there probably would have been a bit more grace in movement, but there is nothing he could do to mimic the mobility of a biologically female skater. We move differently because we are biologically different.


Remember, the center of gravity, or center mass as it’s also referred to, is the point around which all our body parts find balance. Center mass can also be inside or outside the body, dependent upon the movement. So, even slight changes in the way your body is positioned can change your center mass. This is why proprioception, or the awareness of where your body is in space, is so pivotal not just to sports, but to your everyday life. Balancing and movement practices, like Yoga, figure skating, Tai Chi, hone one’s proprioception and enhances that awareness. Being a farmer all your life?

Not so much.

When standing, center mass is normally located in front of your sacrum bone or your low back right around the hip bones. So male or female, much movement flows from that place. In terms of ice skating, this is why male skating revolves around agility, revolution, and the power jumps (triple Axel, anyone?), whereas female skating revolves around graceful movements, poise, leg extensions, and dancer balances that can only be done with our more open hips, and those dizzying revolving backbends.

No matter how much practice Antikainen does, he will never come close to the strength, beauty, or flexibility of a 14-year-old Isabeau Levito, who is on the cusp of her Olympic career.



No matter how many hormones you suppress or pump in, you cannot replace bone structure, muscle function, and how it looks on a well-trained male body and a well-trained female one. Never going to happen.

So, this very public display of pushing transgenderism into every aspect of life and sports was shown to be what it ultimately is: an Epic Fail. Not to mention deeply embarrassing for Antikainen, for Finland, and for the human race.

But you also won’t find a more perfect example of the cruelty that seems to motivate this kind of diversity hire. At some point, someone needed to tell Antikainen, “Thanks for trying out, but you didn’t make the cut. Better luck next year.”

Instead, they sent him out on the ice to humiliate himself and become an object of scorn and derision.

Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to this nonsense.



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