White House Makes Major Admission About Visitor Logs for Biden's Delaware Home

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Since it was first revealed that Joe Biden had illegally taken and kept classified information following his vice presidency, the story has continued to evolve. As of this writing, there have now been four different locations where documents were “found,” including multiple troves at the president’s Delaware home.


That’s led many to ask the obvious question. Namely, who exactly had access to them before they were removed? As RedState reported, we know Hunter Biden claimed the house as his residence during the time period in question, claiming to have paid nearly $50,000 in “rent” a month on a background check. Obviously, there would have been other visitors as well.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy pressed the administration on the matter Thursday and received the runaround, with Karine Jean-Pierre simply repeating a rehearsed talking point about visitor logs at the White House. Now, Biden’s special counsel has let it be known that the logs simply don’t exist.

Well, that’s very convenient, isn’t it? Despite the fact that Biden has spent about 40 percent of his presidency at his Delaware home, the Secret Service has kept zero logs of who comes and goes. That means there’s no way to ever know who had access to the classified documents and who didn’t.


Of course, that assumes the White House is telling the truth, and I wouldn’t begin to give them to benefit of the doubt given how corruptly this entire saga has played out. That the DOJ continues to allow Biden’s lawyers to run the show, being the ones to “search” for more documents and making the call on visitor logs, the show is a profound miscarriage of justice, is a profound double-standard that leaves much suspicion as to what exactly is going on behind the scenes.

Then there’s the media response to all this to analyze. When Donald Trump claimed that visitor logs for Mar-a-Lago didn’t exist back in 2017, the press had a field day accusing him of lying. Eventually, the former president was sued and forced to release what did exist. Here, Biden gives the same excuse and it’s all shrugs, though.

Actually, I take that back. The press has written some stories about the visitor logs at Biden’s Delaware home, except they’d framed it as Republicans being hypocrites for demanding them but not demanding Trump’s. Because everything must be about the orange man.


At the end of the day, the DOJ must decide whether it wants to enforce the law or if it wants to continue to be a partisan entity. If the former, Biden’s lawyers need to be sidelined, and FBI agents should be sent to search every property and office the president has. The Secret Service should also be subpoenaed for any visitor logs it may have that the White House isn’t being forthcoming about. Now, will any of that happen? No, it won’t, but a man can dream.


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