Elon Musk Delivers the Perfect Response to QAnon Accusations

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

The left has found its newest conspiracy theory, and it’s not surprising that it centers on Elon Musk.

Musk has become a sort of “man of the hour” over the last several months after finalizing his deal to purchase Twitter. Since then, it’s been hard to keep up as moral panic after moral panic has developed on the left in relation to the move. The latest on that front involves allegations that he’s secretly telling people to follow QAnon.


As RedState reported, it’s been Musk’s crusade to rid Twitter of child exploitation that has led to the charge. Apparently, not wanting child porn on social media means you are QAnon now.

When asked about the controversy, Musk gave the perfect response.

After all these years of hearing about QAnon, I’m still not sure why anyone cares about it. It has zero effect on mainstream politics, and to the extent that it exists, it does so in the bowels of the internet, as much a troll for many of its “supporters” as anything else. Yet, the press just can’t stop talking about it, largely because they believe they can connect anyone they hate with the conspiracy theory.

The attempts to make Musk a part of it are nothing if not transparent. Who honestly believes that the richest man in the world, a man who voted for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, is secretly an adherent of QAnon? Further, this idea that anyone who has a legitimate concern about child sex trafficking, an actual real-life problem, is secretly QAnon is ridiculously dumb. It’s also harmful in that it provides cover for a lot of really bad actors in the world.


When asked about it, Musk could have waxed poetic and sung sweet nothings into this journalist’s ear, giving the overwrought condemnation the question was begging for. That he didn’t was the right move. These hacks deserve to be laughed at, not to have their silly fantasies legitimized. Musk is not QAnon and anyone wasting time pushing such nonsense is an imbecile. Apparently, there are a lot of those on the left.


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