Mike Leach, the Funniest and Most Endearing Man in College Football, Needs a Miracle

Mike Leach discusses the finer points of coffee before a game in Starkville, MS. (Credit: Twitter)

On Sunday evening, Coach Mike Leach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs was rushed to the hospital following a medical emergency, and the news hasn’t been good so far.


According to people familiar with the matter, Leach is in bad shape and needs a miracle to survive.

It hasn’t been revealed exactly what Leach is suffering from, but I’ve received some information that it was a heart attack.

Regardless, millions of people are praying for Leach right now because he’s the kind of person who draws that kind of support. He’s often been described as the funniest man in college football, and his personality is nothing if it isn’t endearing.

Here are some of his greatest hits.


To make a political comparison (since this is a political site), Leach is like the Sen. John Kennedy of football. He’s got a dry sense of humor that just resonates with people. He’s also taken his famous “air raid” system to Starkville, MS, and has won games in the SEC West, no small feat given how stacked that division is.

To put it simply, Leach is exactly what college football needs more of. Here’s to him pulling through and coaching many more games in the future. Prayers up.


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