Nancy Pelosi Picture With Capitol Press Corps Causes a Stir and Produces Some Hilarious Memes

Nancy Pelosi is headed out the door as Speaker of the House after serving two four-year stints crushing American freedoms and prosperity.

Instead of treating her tenure like the disaster it was, though, the Capitol press corps is doing exactly what you’d expect. Namely, idolizing Pelosi and treating her like a celebrity. That led to a farewell picture that is causing a stir, and more importantly, leading to some hilarious memes.


Notice anything? If you are politically astute and have paid attention to leftwing rhetoric over the last decade or so, what’s wrong with the picture will jump out immediately: Everyone is white.

Well, to be fair, there does appear to be one woman of Asian ancestry, but regardless, I’ve been assured that this ratio of whiteness is proof of systemic racism. The lack of a single black person is simply unacceptable and perpetuates white privilege, the same white privilege that allowed Pelosi to rise to her position in the first place. In fact, I’m so triggered by the picture that I’m literally shaking right now.

And if you think my sarcasm is hyperbolic, let’s remember that Elon Musk was chastised by the news media just a few weeks ago for a supposed lack of diversity in a picture he took at Twitter HQ.

But it wasn’t just the lack of melanin in the photo that caught the attention of onlookers. There was something else too.

Is this who I think it is?

Is that actually the woman from the infamous meme? I don’t know. I kind of doubt it, but the resemblance sure is striking. The nose, the jawline, the lips, and the haircut look remarkably similar.


Meanwhile, others noticed that one woman has a dog in her bag.

Are you allowed to bring dogs into the Capitol Building? I’m pretty sure that’s not a service animal so this is probably the result of some more of that white privilege I mentioned earlier. Not only is the White House press corps (female edition) inundated with systemic racism, but they get to break the rules at will. Absolutely astonishing.

Anyway, here are a few more memes to end things with.

Poor George, it must have been traumatizing to be in the room while all that was going down. I’d pray for him, but he’s already dead.



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