The Horror in Loudoun County Continues as a Rogue Prosecutor Wreaks Havoc

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Some months ago, RedState reported on a bombshell report out Loudoun County, VA, that took the then-ongoing election by storm. Per Luke Rosiak, who broke the story, a man who had been violently arrested on camera at an LCPS board meeting was actually there to demand answers over the rape of his daughter.


A boy who was described as wearing a skirt raped two different girls over the last year, including one girl after he was inexplicably let back into the school system. Of course, a boy wearing a skirt raping a girl in the girls’ restroom sent the far-left LCPS officials into cover-up mode. After all, they had spent months putting into place a new transgender bathroom policy (whether the boy was technically transgender or just a cross-dresser is irrelevant) that had already caused outrage among parents.

Instead of doing the right thing and ensuring the safety of students, the school board had Scott Smith, the aforementioned father, arrested and shamed. They then falsely claimed that they were unaware of any sexual assaults even taking place. The media went along with it, demonizing Scott, never stopping to find out what his story actually was.

But while the actions of the school board were horrific enough, we are now learning that the local prosecutor was also intimately involved in what transpired. Her name is Buta Biberaj, and she was previously caught conspiring with the LCPS board to target parents for supposed wrong-think.

Shockingly, Biberaj, who ran on criminal-justice reform and reducing incarceration with financial backing from billionaire George Soros, personally prosecuted Smith’s case, seeking 20 days’ jail time. On hearing the facts, the judge reduced that to a 10-day suspended sentence.

After the rapist’s July 9 arrest, Biberaj’s office informed the Smiths that the boy would be home on an ankle monitor pending trial. They soon learned that was not the case.


This is scary stuff given how much power these local prosecutors wield. They literally have the power to destroy your life on a whim. Likewise, they have the power to not punish someone for purely political reasons. That appears to be what happened here, with Biberaj attempting to put Smith in jail for simply speaking out at a school board meeting while letting a child rapist go free.

While the school board certainly shares in the blame and all deserve to be fired (and probably spend some time in jail), we now know that this prosecutor, funded by George Soros, was actually the person most responsible for the second rape happening. Had she just done her job, the boy in question would have at least been confined to his house with an ankle monitor. Instead, he went back to school and committed another horrible act.

To plunge the knife in deeper, Biberaj even went on TV to seemingly defend the rapist.

Imagine the Smiths’ outrage when they heard Biberaj, in a televised interview, lay seeds of doubt about the boy’s guilt and claim he was returned to school because he had no prior history of this sort of behavior — when, in fact, he did, in elementary school.

If LCPS had intervened early, the Smiths’ daughter would likely not have been assaulted. If LCPS and Biberaj hadn’t secretly transferred this boy to another school, there would have been no second victim.


The school board and Biberaj combined to completely abdicate their responsibility to protect the students under their watch. Further, they did so for purely political reasons, valuing their left-wing ideology above all. To this day, Biberaj refuses to recuse herself when she is clearly compromised.

In the end, there’s only one option left to exact some form of justice for how these officials behaved. Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin and his Republican attorney general need to take charge here. Heads need to roll, people need to be prosecuted, and Biberaj, to the extent it’s possible, needs to be removed from her position. This can’t be allowed to stand.


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