MSNBC Levies Disgusting, Yet Telling Attack on Lauren Boebert

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Is Lauren Boebert about to lose her re-election bid in Colorado? Honestly, I have no idea, and I’m not sure anyone else does either. As RedState reported on Wednesday evening, Boebert has executed a stunning comeback to pull within less than 100 votes of her challenger. Whether there are enough ballots left to put her over the top is an open question, though.


Some are speculating that what’s left to count is mostly military and election-day provisional ballots. If that’s true, she probably wins. If there’s still a rash of mail-in votes left in Pueblo County, she’s probably done for.

Regardless, the fact that the race is still way too close to call hasn’t stopped liberals from expressing their joy at her supposed defeat. One of those people was a grifting former Republican “strategist” named Kurt Bardella, who now makes appearances on Joy Reid’s MSNBC Show. That should give you an idea of exactly who we are dealing with here.

He decided it’d be hilarious and not at all ridiculous to suggest that Boebert losing will cause her to open an OnlyFans account.

Get it? Because Boebert is objectively pretty, obviously the only other job she can get after politics (if it comes to that) is doing porn. This dude should go on Jimmy Kimmel’s show with jokes like that.


Of course, one look at Bardella would tell you he’s an absolute beta who doesn’t know how to talk about women outside of misogynistic tropes. It’s also pretty telling that his mind went straight to OnlyFans at the first mention of a woman he probably fantasizes about in his free time.

You get the idea. That’s not how you talk about a woman (yeah, that goes from Republicans who have crossed lines as well). I don’t care what someone’s political views are. I’ll criticize Jill Biden and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, among other leftwing women, but you’ll never find me suggesting they are so worthless as individuals that they can only do porn. Ironically, do you know who used to believe that as well? That would be Kurt Bardella.

Hypocrisy like that is to be expected, but it’s still worth pointing out and laughing at. These people are vicious and deranged, having made politics the pinnacle of their lives in place of any greater purpose. That’s how you get a grown man acting like a 12-year-old, dropping sexist tropes on a woman he’s never even met.


And what about Joy Reid and Claire McCaskill? Both smile and don’t even attempt to push back during the segment. Both would have lost their minds if a Republican said what Bardella said. How long does MSNBC keep this charade up? Reid’s ratings are low, and the network recently made a move by firing Tiffany Cross, whose show was equally as terrible. You’d have to think patience eventually runs out.


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