Deranged, Racist Host Fired by MSNBC in Surprise Move

Tiffany Cross spreads racist accusations on her MSNBC show. (Credit: MSNBC)

The deranged, racist host on MSNBC has been fired. No, I’m not talking about that one. I’m talking about Tiffany Cross, who is the other deranged racist on the liberal network behind Joy Reid. Wait, Al Sharpton is still there, right? Now, I’m just confusing myself.


According to a report, Cross has been let go after a series of controversial remarks.

MSNBC has abruptly cut ties with weekend host Tiffany Cross, opting not to renew her contract after almost two years, Mediaite has learned.

Cross, whose Saturday show The Cross Connection was a source of controversy for the network, has not commented publicly on the cancellation. Her production team was told of the decision on Friday. They will remain at the network, a source familiar with the matter told Mediaite, as they currently work on MSNBC’s Sunday show in the same slot.

A source familiar with the decision told Mediaite that comments and coverage from Cross did not adhere to MSNBC’s standards. The source said she was repeatedly told this by the network. They added said this has been an ongoing issue, and concerns have been addressed multiple times.


Cross, who has long been a staple of bigotry and general insanity on MSNBC, had apparently been warned multiple times that her more recent rantings fell below the already low standards held by the network. They let Nicole Wallace rant like a conspiratorial nut every weekday, but declaring a civil war and encouraging Democrats to “pick up a weapon” was a bridge too far, I guess.

Did I mention Cross is a racist? She railed against minority GOP candidates earlier in the year, declaring that “faces of color do not always mean voices of color.” Apparently, the now unemployed far-left host believes she’s the arbiter of who gets to be a “voice” of color. Cross had also made certifiably psychotic “justice correspondent” Elie Mystal a regular on her show. Mystal declared to Cross in September that “white people turn violent when they don’t get their way.”

Here’s a sample of how Cross’ show typically goes.


I could keep going, but you get the idea. Cross is a crazy person, and it’s honestly a bit shocking that it took this long for her to get the boot. She’s been delivering bouts of deranged commentary for years, having become Joy Reid’s mini-me at the network.

And speaking of Reid, she’s got to be next right? Her ratings are terrible, and her show is no more measured or less insane than Cross’ was. In fact, Mystal has been a near-nightly guest for Reid as well. My suspicion is that MSNBC is just waiting for her contract to run out. Then she’ll get the same treatment as Cross, the far-left will cry racism, and we can all have a good laugh.


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