John Fetterman's Campaign Gets a Little Weirder

To this point, John Fetterman has run one of the weirdest, most immature campaigns I’ve ever seen in national politics. His constant references to vegetables and New Jersey would make even the rapping grandma candidate from Utah cringe.


Because of his health issues, which he lied about and refuses to offer more transparency on, Fetterman has relied on a social media team of trolls to build a fake persona suggesting he’s a working-class Pennsylvanian. In reality, he comes from a wealthy family, lived off his parents until he was 49, and doesn’t appear to have held a real job for most of his adult life.

But while that would be weird enough, never say never to more things rolling out. And before I share this, I’ll just drop the disclaimer that I don’t know for sure what these pictures mean. You can decide for yourself how to take them. All I know is that Gisele Fetterman posted them and wants us to see them.

The last picture appears to be the most recent, which shows Gisele Fetterman wearing a “biceratops” tee shirt as her husband points to the phrase “bi-wife energy.” In the other pictures, Gisele Fetterman is seen wearing an “I’m not just [bi]lingual” tee shirt and an “if you play for both teams, you’ll never lose” tee shirt.


Now, if this had just been one picture and one shirt, you could reasonably suggest that she was just showing support at a gay pride event for others. But three different events where she’s sporting the same message on her person seems like more than a nod.

Here’s the thing, and I know I’m going to get pushback on this, but that’s okay. When you are married to someone, it is deeply disrespectful to that person to openly flaunt your attraction to other people. That doesn’t mean straight guys aren’t attracted to other women. It doesn’t mean someone who is bisexual couldn’t conceivably be in a monogamous relationship. It does mean that there is a line that can be crossed regardless of sexual orientation.

When a straight, married man goes around publicly flaunting how attracted to other women he is, society calls that creepy and disrespectful, and society is correct. That standard shouldn’t change between sexual preferences.

With all that said, I’ll repeat the disclaimer that perhaps all of this wasn’t meant to send the message it appears to send. Maybe Gisele Fetterman just really enjoys supporting bisexual women.


Regardless, the same meme campaign that can’t shut up about stupid stuff like crudites doesn’t get to suggest it’s off-limits to ask about stuff like this. That’s especially true given that Gisele Fetterman has taken a leading role in the campaign, even being called the “de facto” candidate by Rolling Stone. Had she not injected herself into the election in such a brash way, I might accept the claim that she isn’t worth talking about. But that’s not the world we live in.


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