WATCH: Deranged Lunatic Destroys Ashli Babbitt Memorial

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

I guess I get to write two pieces today on the lack of emotional maturity present on the left.

A memorial set up on the Capitol steps to remember Ashli Babbitt’s birthday was destroyed by someone named Brianne Chapman on Monday. Babbitt was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer on January 6th despite being unarmed. Mourners had put flowers up along the barricades.


Chapman, being the deranged person she is, decided to tear it all down with comically bad kicks. Who could have guessed that someone who calls themself “Anarchy Princess” would be unstable?

Here’s the full video, where you can witness her sarcastic mannerisms and mind-numbing sense of superiority oozing from Chapman as she gives a nearly two-hour-long play-by-play of her act. Again, stability isn’t exactly a quality she possesses.

Naturally and not unexpectedly, the Capitol Police present at the time did absolutely nothing. Instead, they stood there as a woman walked onto the Capitol steps they supposedly exist to defend to destroy a memorial. Something tells me that wouldn’t be the response if another victim was involved.

So who is Chapman? She’s apparently a bad mother and an unhinged lunatic. Her mugshot looks like your typical Antifa operative. When Tayler Hansen, who broke the story, asked for comment, Chapman responded in a way that perfectly fits her character.

I just don’t understand the mindset here. Do people make me angry? Sure. Have people done things that I disagree with? Absolutely. But am I going to go stomp on the flowers at a memorial sight while yelling obscenities about an unarmed woman who was shot to death? No, I’m not, because I’m a human being with some level of empathy and decency.


Chapman clearly possesses none of those traits, but she’s hardly alone. The broader left has adopted an attitude of not just disagreeing with their political enemies but wanting to see them physically eliminated. Is there any doubt Keith Olbermann, for example, would throw every Republican in a gulag if he could? Heck, the President of the United States has suggested that his opponents are comparable to fascists, insinuating that they should be destroyed.

So while Chapman is a lunatic, she’s just one of many, and the right shouldn’t forget that. It’s times like this that I wonder how the nation even survives long-term. When you have one side that is so full of hatred that they’ll desecrate a memorial of a dead woman, exactly what lines exist? It’s just a matter of what the left thinks they can get away with going forward.


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