John Fetterman's Latest Public Appearance Is Extremely Concerning to Watch

AP Photo/Rebecca Droke

John Fetterman is appearing more in public lately, though there’s nothing about his health that seems to be improving. Following his weaseling out of the first debate with Mehmet Oz, the Democrat’s handlers have chosen to be less secretive about the effects of his massive stroke, trusting that the news media will continue to proclaim the topic off-limits.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette broke that rule on Tuesday, questioning whether Fetterman was physically and mentally healthy enough to become a senator. Whether that will lead to more mainstream media coverage of the issue, I can’t say. What I can do is continue to highlight just how unfit for office Fetterman is, and he provided a clip today that is a doozy.

For those that can’t watch the video, I’m going to try to transcribe it for you, as difficult as that is. Also understand that while there’s much that doesn’t make sense in what he said, half of the problem is how Fetterman speaks, and it shows a man who is obviously not well. And to be clear, I’m not leaving a single word out below. This is really how chopped up and nonsensical his remarks were.

Please understand…the stakes in this race, send me to Washington DC, to send, so I can work with Senator Casey…and I can champion the union way of life in…Jersey…excuse me, in DC…thank you, thank you very much, and it’s an honor…I live 8 minutes away from here…and when I leave tonight I got…3 miles away Doctor Oz in his mansion in New Jersey…you’ve got a friend and you’ve got an ally, send me to Washington DC…thank you steelworkers.


You have to love that he’s so obsessed with his New Jersey attack line that he screws up and says “Jersey” too early in his short remarks. Then when he drops the attack a few seconds later, it makes no sense at all. He then hurriedly closes his remarks, as if he hit some kind of time limit where he couldn’t stand to speak any longer. What’s in that video is a far cry away from the witty persona that Fetterman has falsely built up online via his social media team.

As I said in a previous article, things are bad enough that I don’t even feel comfortable cracking jokes about Fetterman’s condition. Instead, it’s just sad to witness, and it feels very wrong that this guy is currently running for the US Senate in this condition. Stroke victims typically plateau about three months into their recovery, and we are well past that for Fetterman. He sounds no better today than he did three weeks ago. In fact, this may be the worst I’ve seen him.

The point is this. There is no progression here that says Fetterman’s health issues are temporary and should be ignored. On the contrary, there is overwhelming evidence that they should be front and center in the minds of voters. Sending someone to Washington who is having these kinds of mental processing issues would be insane.



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