Grotesque Press Lays the Groundwork to Blame Ron DeSantis as Hurricane Approaches

AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

While normal people are watching the approach of Hurricane Ian towards Florida with dread, the national press seems downright excited that they might have an opportunity to blame their new favorite public enemy.


Gov. Ron DeSantis has spent the last week preparing and rallying the troops, getting his state ready to weather the storm and save lives in the process. Unfortunately, the mainstream media decided to spend Tuesday’s FEMA briefing attempting to cook up a conspiracy theory that DeSantis is somehow impeding federal relief efforts.

It started with a question from McClatchy’s reporter, suggesting that there might have been something “unusual” with the communication going on between state and federal officials.

Now, what is this stupidity based on? It appears to be based on absolutely nothing except the fact that Joe Biden and DeSantis haven’t spoken personally yet. But why would they? FEMA is the one doing the planning and execution at the federal level. What is a senile old man like Biden going to add, exactly?


Things took off from there, ending with Washington’s dumbest reporter, Brian Karem, pushing the non-controversy. The FEMA director eventually shut the nonsense down.

You can just see the rusty gears turning inside that dude’s head, desperately attempting to manufacture something out of whole cloth. In no way has DeSantis “impeded” anything FEMA has done. Florida is, by far, the best-prepared state in the union to deal with hurricanes, and its track record over the last few decades is impeccable.

So what’s this all really about? It’s about laying the groundwork to blame DeSantis for the fact that a natural disaster is going to cause damage and possibly death. To state the obvious, there is nothing a governor can do to prevent the physical effects of a hurricane. Contrary to Amy Klobuchar’s recent commentary, politicians can’t control the weather, no matter how much taxpayer money they waste.


But no matter what happens, the narrative will be spun to say that DeSantis somehow failed. It’s gross and ghoulish, but it’s completely expected and typical. Press members appear to be actually rooting for injuries in order to prop up the failing Biden administration while harming a probable 2024 political opponent. Just when you think they can’t sink any lower, they tie weights around their ankles and jump in the deep end.

Some might even say these mainstream media reporters operate like “enemies of the people.” Actually, I’m going to say it because it’s true.


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