Tucker Carlson Praises Giorgia Meloni in Sure-to-Trigger Commentary

On Sunday, a right-wing coalition in Italy delivered a stunning, decisive victory in the struggling country’s national elections. Abject terror soon followed.


The outrage was driven largely by the probable rise of Giorgia Meloni to the position of Prime Minister. You see, Meloni is a “fascist,” at least according to her most staunch critics. What has she done that meets the definition of such a historically objectionable political ideology? Well, that’s a question that just can’t be answered, even when you attempt to drill deep. Rest assured, though, she’s most definitely a “fascist” according to our smart set.

After I made that post, I went through all the replies (at least the ones before you get to the spam filter). Do you know what I found? I found lots of screeching, yet not a single tangible example explaining how Meloni is a fascist. The closest anyone came to giving an answer was one person claiming that she espouses “great replacement theory.”

Of course, that’s false. “Great replacement theory” is an anti-semitic conspiracy that Jews are replacing populations in order to control them. Meloni is simply anti-illegal immigration and believes in having (gasp!) national borders. If that makes her a fascist, then essentially every nation-state since the inception of the idea is fascist.


But I digress, Tucker Carlson praised Meloni during his Monday evening monologue in a sure-to-trigger display.

Carlson opens by illustrating exactly why Meloni and her coalition won. The former Prime Minister of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni, once bragged to the World Economic Forum that he was going to inject more “social justice” into his country. What followed were years of mass illegal immigration, rising crime rates, a collapsing economy, tyrannical COVID lockdowns, and the destruction of Italian cultural pride. Is it any wonder that the voters there decided to change course?

Then there was this quote from the President of the European Commission, which Carlson shared a clip of. She doesn’t speak English well, but the below transcription is accurate.

If things go in a difficult direction, I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland, we have tools. If things go in the right direction and people as a body, that is always um, where always government’s have to be accountable to, play an important role.


That was the setup heading into Italy’s elections. A supposedly sovereign nation being dictated to and even threatened by bureaucrats in Brussels. Enter Meloni who took on the brunt of that ire and came out victorious with a message of “God, family, country.”

But do you know who else talked about family and country? That would be Adolf Hilter, so Meloni is clearly a fascist. Checkmate, chumps.

Seriously, that’s the argument being made by many American news outlets in the wake of her victory. They can’t list why she’s a fascist in real terms, so they are left flailing about with illusions of murderous dictators based on extremely vague proclamations of values. I’m pretty sure France’s Emmanuel Macron would say he values family and country. Is he a fascist now too? It’s all just so stupid.

Carlson then dipped his toe into how this all plays back in the United States. He noted the contrast between Meloni’s very culturally based message with that of the new Republican “Commitment to America,” proclaiming about the latter that “there’s nothing real in it.” His point is simply that the GOP keeps focusing on traditional political issues (the economy, taxes, etc.) while devoting little or no time to the modern destruction of the family, which forms the backbone of society.


Lastly, Carlson played a now-viral clip that RedState covered on Monday which shows Meloni speaking about the crushing of family, religion, science, and identity by global elites, snarking at the end that she’s accused of being “far-right” according to American television channels.

Is it, though? Meloni’s views seem rather mainstream when you look at them with an unbiased eye. How many people aren’t worried about their children, their families, and what the world will look like ten years from now? The time to fight these cultural battles is now.


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