Joe Scarborough Calls the Pro-Life Position 'Heresy'

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Who knew that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was a Biblical scholar? Apparently, he fancies himself one as evidenced by his most recent rant. Scarborough took to his morning show to let it be known that pro-lifers are actually partaking in “heresy” by holding the issue in high regard.


You’ve gotta love that Scarborough says what he says while seated next to the woman he unapologetically left his former wife and kids for. Clearly, this is a man of high moral standing who has the authority to lecture Christians on how they shouldn’t care about killing babies. You know, because if there’s one thing Jesus supports, it’s…abortion?

Here’s a pro tip: Don’t accuse others of heresy by committing heresy.

I’m not sure what Scarborough’s specific religious beliefs are, though I believe he is a self-proclaimed Christian and part of the Baptist Church. Regardless, there are degrees of difference between holding a position that runs counter to the Word of God and outright twisting Jesus Christ into a supporter of abortion. Both are sinful and require repentance, but The Book of James isn’t ambiguous about what happens to people who do the latter, presenting themselves as religious authorities in the process.


Then there’s the fact that Scarborough’s framing is false. I do not know a single pro-life individual who bases their entire faith on the issue of abortion. That’s not a thing that happens, and it’s a lazy attempt to discredit those who chose to hold others accountable. Is opposition to abortion the basis of Christianity? No, but neither is murdering your 50-year-old neighbor. That doesn’t make those actions any less horrific and sinful.

No one is boiling down the Message of Christ to only abortion, but the question of whether someone is pro-abortion provides a window into the condition of a person’s heart. Christians are called to hold other Christians to account. It is a heretical cop-out to suggest sin should be ignored and brushed aside as not “the issue,” and if someone treats the most vulnerable among us like disposable trash, that matters.

At the end of the day, Scarborough should stay in his lane, whatever that may be. He’s treading dangerous ground attempting to turn Jesus into some modern left-wing caricature to fit his politics. And I’m not suggesting Jesus has no qualms with the GOP either. There are positions and people on the right that I do believe contradict Biblical values.


Here’s how I deal with that. Politics is politics. It’s not a religion and to treat it as such is idolatry. Hold your representatives to the highest standard you can while accepting that they will never be more than they are. Still, I don’t think not killing babies is that high of a standard to meet. Pro-lifers that refuse to vote for Democrats over the issue of abortion are doing nothing wrong. They aren’t committing heresy, and for Scarborough to say that is ridiculous.


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