WATCH: 'Morning Joe' Ridiculously Returns to 'Are the Walls Closing in on Trump?' Nonsense

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Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome is a terrible affliction, America. While hilarious to observe, it has to be exhausting. One need look no further than Mr. and Mrs. Mika — AKA: Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski — of “Morning Joe” infamy and the impact TDS has had on their tortured souls for ample proof.


In this episode, Joe and Mika waxed euphoric about the raid on Trump’s personal residence at Mar-a-Lago, yet again musing about whether the “walls are closing in” — finally — on The Donald.

Among the “highlights,” as reported by NewsBusters:

  • Mika and Joe amused themselves by repeatedly mentioning the many times that Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment during his deposition yesterday with lawyers for New York State Attorney General Letitia James. Scarborough wondered whether Trump might be “mobbed up,” and if his taking the Fifth constituted a “confession.”
  • Yesterday, we noted a CNN legal analyst claiming that a federal indictment of Trump, stemming from the Mar-a-Lago search, was imminent. Today, it was Morning Joe’s turn to use I-word, with legal analyst Barbara McQuade saying that an indictment of Trump in Fulton County, Georgia was likely the “most imminent.”
  • Joe and Mika broke out their traditional string of epithets for Trump supporters: “conspiracy theorists, insurrectionists, weirdos, crazy people, freaks, lunatics,” and, of course, “fascists.”
  • Scarborough suggested that just as the law should go after the “fascists,” the law should deal with “people on cable news channels” who in Joe’s opinion are inspiring violence. Gee: wonder which “cable news networks” and which “people” Scarborough wants to see locked up?
  • Remember how the liberal media ridiculed Trump for claiming that Trump Tower was being wiretapped? Now, McQuade also said it would be perfectly appropriate for Biden’s law enforcement agencies to monitor Trump and his associates via “listening devices, surveillance techniques, confidential informants, consensual monitoring, and other things.”

Just imagine the glee of TDS-riddled Democrats across the fruited plain, drunk with delusional delirium over the FBI raiding Donald and Melania Trump’s home, leaving with troves of “evidence,” and Trump finally getting his long overdue “comeuppance.” Surely, they must “reason,” an indictment of the evil Orange Man — the Devil’s own spawn — must be imminent. Can you imagine the twisted euphoria? Me, too.

I bet Nancy Pelosi stayed sober so she could stay awake and watch the fun unfold. [sarcasm; barely]

Here’s more fun with Joe and Mika, as transcribed by NewsBusters:

MIKA: The former president once claimed that innocent people don’t plead the Fifth. So what does that say about him!—after he invoked the Fifth Amendment hundreds of times with the State of New York yesterday? Yeesh! Walls are closing in.


Does he still think it’s disgraceful?

JOE: 400 times over, disgraceful.

MIKA: Does he think it’s something you only do if you’re guilty?

JOE: 400 times, guilty.

MIKA: And does he still think it’s something that the mob does?

SCARBOROUGH: 400 times! Is he mobbed up?

MIKA: We’ll get into that.

JOE:: Is he telling us? Is this confession?


MIKA: Newsweek matched this reporting of where this all came from on the inside to senior government officials who told the search was largely based on from [sic] an informant —

JOE: — an informant on the inside of Mar-a-Lago!

MIKA:— what documents Trump was hiding, and where they were located.



Geez, you guys, get a room.

Mika went on to babble about “Trump world reportedly trying to figure out who flipped.” According to Rolling Stone, noted NewsBusters, Trump is worried he might have an informant — or informants — within his inner circle, and is also wondering whether his phones are tapped. The “Morning Joe” co-host also mused about Trump wondering if “his buddies could be wearing a wire.” Great theater, guys, but nothing more.

Then again, that’s all you’ve ever been. And don’t get me wrong; the entertainment value is awesome.

The bottom line:

The last time I wrote about “Morning Joe” nonsense I suggested Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are irrelevant, in response to a question about why RedState provides a platform for their TDS-riddled insignificance. My answer remains the same.

As Rush Limbaugh said on a regular basis, the more we allow Democrats to talk — and provide them an expanded platform, when possible — the more they tell us exactly who they are. That is never a bad thing.

Moreover, Mr. and Mrs. Mika are not the Lone Rangers of TDS groupthink. They, along with their fellow left-wing media sock puppets, speak for millions of their TDS-riddled comrades.

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