Biden Makes Eyebrow-Raising Comment About 'Stealing' Elections

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden is on a roll. It’s just not the kind of roll anyone should want him to be on. After returning from his multi-week vacation in the middle of multiple crises, the president held a rally in Rockville, MD, because no one else outside of a hundred-mile radius of the beltway can stand him.


Despite not filling the school gym he was speaking in, Biden launched into a multi-pronged attack against his political enemies. He labeled Republicans as “semi-fascist” just a day after he declared himself king to force middle-class Americans to pay for the student loans of a small, mostly well-off minority of the country.

As RedState reported, his comments were couched in total incoherence, but it was one understandable part of his diatribe that had eyebrows raising. According to Biden, if Democrats retain Congress, they will pass legislation to ensure “no one has the opportunity to steal an election again.”

That’s certainly a “mask-off” moment from a guy who is clearly out of control and throwing all caution to the wind. But the question is exactly what he means.

Is he speaking of the 2016 election, asserting that Donald Trump stole that election and was an illegitimate president? That can’t be because I’ve been assured that such election denialism is literally a threat to democracy itself. For anyone to suggest that an election is anything but the “most secure” in history is to essentially foment insurrection. Heck, it’s enough to get you banned from Jake Tapper’s low-rated CNN show, so you know it’s serious.


Or is he talking about the 2020 election in some Freudian slip, admitting that the powers that be conspired to deny reelection to Donald Trump? I mean, we know that happened — given the admission from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday that the FBI came to them to push for the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, knowing it was real, only to spin it as Russian disinformation. That’s no longer a “conspiracy theory.”

Somehow, I doubt he meant that, though. I’m pretty sure he’s just doing exactly what he and his party insist is incredibly dangerous, which is to say your political opponents are “stealing” elections. Biden is nothing if he isn’t a hypocrite, and he’s reached a point where he just doesn’t care how tyrannical and obscene his statements and policies get.

After all, there are no consequences. Heck, his approval rating has actually ticked up recently, so he’s probably more emboldened than ever. And you can expect the insanity to continue unless Republicans actually show up in November and deliver him a resounding defeat.


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