Jerry Nadler's Lesson on Guns Goes All Kinds of Wrong

Jerry Nadler's Lesson on Guns Goes All Kinds of Wrong
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Rep.Jerry Nadler, perhaps best known for appearing to defecate himself in public back in 2020, led a hearing on guns in the House on Wednesday. As RedState reported, David Hogg, who was present during the Parkland, FL, shooting, interrupted the proceedings, being escorted out of the room.

But it was what was actually said by the congressional members that interested me the most, and you’ll be less than shocked to learn that abject ignorance was on display. Nadler gave a lesson on the famous M1 Garand that should disqualify him from ever voting on any bill having anything to do with guns ever again.

There aren’t enough facepalm memes in existence to represent how objectively idiotic that comment is. The M1 Garand is chambered in .30-06, one of the more powerful rifle rounds in common use. No, it’s not a .50 cal, but what else is? And compared to the .223 fired from an AR-15, the .30-06 carries far more punch and mass into whatever it hits. I wouldn’t want to get shot by any bullet, but I dang sure wouldn’t want to be shot by a .30-06. There’s a reason it and the .300 Winchester are commonly used as big-game rounds.

Nadler didn’t stop there, though. He then let the cat out of the bag that Democrats are actively seeking to pass legislation that violates the Constitution.

If you are familiar with the Heller decision, you’ll be aware that the test put forth by now-deceased Justice Scalia is that the Constitution protects guns that are in “common use.” He came to that conclusion by supposing that at the time of the writing of the Second Amendment, the Founders clearly intended for common weapons such as muskets to be owned and kept by Americans.

Personally, I thought Scalia’s argument was arbitrary and didn’t go nearly far enough in protecting the true intention of the Second Amendment, which was to allow citizens to possess weapons of war in order to wage war (including things like cannons). Still, there’s no doubt that an AR-15, the most common sporting rifle in the country, is in “common use,” meeting the standard put forth by Heller. That means that any attempt to ban them at the federal level is clearly unconstitutional. Nadler is apparently too stupid to realize that he’s providing the basis by which any law he passes would be overturned.

Yet, Nadler may have been one-upped in the same hearing by another Democrat. Rep. David Cicilline decided to talk about pistol braces, claiming they become bump stocks and make guns automatic.

Rep. Thomas Massie just demolishes the claim in the video, but for those who can’t watch it, a pistol brace is in no way a bump stock. It’s a piece of plastic that attaches to a person’s wrist and is commonly used with pistols, including AR pistols. They are a vital tool for handicapped people, including disabled vets, to be able to safely and accurately operate their firearms. A pistol brace does not make a gun more lethal (in fact, a regular stock is preferable for performance), and it certainly doesn’t make an AR-15 into an automatic weapon.

Democrats are completely ignorant about guns. They have no idea what they are talking about, and none of them should ever be let anywhere near drawing up regulations having to do with firearms.

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