Noted Religious Scholar Kamala Harris Shares What God Thinks About Abortion

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

While most of the country is laser-focused on inflation and the economic hardship crushing Americans, Democrats continue to obsess about the only thing that matters to them: Ensuring abortion until birth is legal.


And who better to preach the gospel of baby killing than Kamala Harris, who compared pro-life individuals to slaveholders during a speech on Monday? During the same remarks, she also provided a scholarly lesson on the religious implications of abortion. According to Harris, if you support killing a nine-month-old baby in the womb, God is all good with it.

Harris has previously indicated that she’s a Baptist. What specific subsect she subscribes to, I can’t say, and searching around provided few answers. But we can at least ascertain enough to know she claims to be a Christian.

With that in mind, it takes a special kind of sinful arrogance for a supposed Christian to pretend to be such a religious authority that they can affirmatively tell others that it’s fine for them to support the killing of children up until birth. Did Harris get a read-out from God that the rest of us are unaware of? When did the historical interpretations of scripture, including the protection of life, become null and void?


The Bible also doesn’t have anything good to say about those who profess to know Christ then purposely lead others astray, much less for some pathetic, worthless political goal like keeping unlimited abortion legal. Honestly, if I were Harris, I’d be thinking deeply about the state of my soul after those comments. Christianity isn’t a game. It’s not some buffet that you can pick and choose from to fit a desired worldview. Supposedly religious politicians that treat it that way should be fearful of the consequences they themselves say they believe in.

Frankly, just to add a direct rebuttal, yes, it does require the abandoning of one’s faith and beliefs for a Christian to support abortion on demand. God doesn’t care about the mental gymnastics some go through to justify it. Further, even if we assume that Harris is part of some post-modern “Christian” movement that approves of abortion, that doesn’t give her the authority to tell all Christians (and people of other religions) that they can support abortion without running afoul of their faith. That’s certainly not true with Catholics. It’s not true with almost all evangelicals either. Who does Harris think she is to lecture people in such a way?


If there was ever a “stay in your lane” moment, Harris’ comments on religion and abortion are it. She’s a politician. The vice president should focus more on not being absolutely terrible at her job and less on proclaiming the faux morality of scrambling preborn children.



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