Democrats Lose It Over the EPA Decision, Expose the Big Flaw in Their Strategy

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

As Redstate reported on Thursday morning, the Supreme Court dropped one last bomb on the left with a decision against the EPA that essentially guts parts of the administrative state. The case specifically involved the government’s ability to “regulate” carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act.


Naturally, the consternation began immediately. Elizabeth Warren, the most hysterical member of the Senate (not to be confused with the dumbest, Mazie Hirono), declared that “Our planet is on fire,” lamenting the fact that the federal government isn’t being given total power to destroy the American energy industry.

Her rantings regarding the legitimacy of the court should be tossed into a river. Of all the people in Washington, Warren is one of the least qualified to comment on the legitimacy of any institution. After all, this is the same woman who pioneered the unconstitutional Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has now been effectively neutered by court decisions. Warren does not care about constitutional legitimacy. She simply cares about power, and every word she utters demonstrates that.

As to the idea that the planet is on fire, that’s just ludicrous. Even the direst predictions hover around a few degrees rise in global temperature over the next century. Will that lead to the end of civilization? I would suggest not given the incredible ability of humans to adapt.


Yet, clowns like Paul Krugman, a man who has never been right about anything, would like you to know we are doomed because of a Supreme Court decision.

The problem with the Democrat strategy is two-fold. One, all the Supreme Court did was tell the legislature to do its job. Warren is a senator last I checked, and she and her party hold the majority. How about they come up with some kind of compromise to regulate carbon if that’s what they truly feel should happen? What can’t be allowed to happen is bureaucracies with zero accountability running around crashing the economy via executive dictates. Congress has to delegate power. If they don’t do so, the EPA has no right to make it up as it goes along.

Secondly, Democrats have this habit of declaring literally everything as the end of humanity. Never has a more moronic political strategy existed because it causes people to tune out. Dobbs is the end of the world. The EPA decision is the end of the world. The decision on the Second Amendment is the end of the world. It’s just stupid and overwrought, and people see right through the hysteria. Warren has never been able to control herself, though, and that’s why she’s a uniquely bad messenger for her side’s lunacy. It’s also the reason she crashed and burned during the 2020 election.


Let me go out on a limb and suggest that the planet is not going to burn up in a fiery inferno because the EPA can’t impose its absolute will on companies that have helped lift billions of people out of abject poverty. And if Warren doesn’t like the Supreme Court’s decision, she’d make more headway by actually doing her job than crying like a baby about “legitimacy.” Of course, that doesn’t get her the cable news hits.


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