The Choice Memes Flow Like Milk and Honey After Allegation Donald Trump 'Grabbed the Wheel'

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

With the economy collapsing, inflation soaring, and Biden wandering aimlessly around Europe, there’s not been a lot of fun going on in the United States lately. Yesterday’s January 6th “emergency” hearing changed all that.


Following Cassidy Hutchinson’s now-debunked testimony that Donald Trump came unglued, fought with two Secret Service agents, and attempted to commandeer a presidential vehicle, the memes flowed like milk and honey–and we could all use a good laugh, right?

Gaze upon these masterpieces as you remix “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” in your head while inserting Trump’s name.

This is one of those instances where I wish a crazy story about Trump didn’t turn out to be false. The image of an overweight president in his mid-70s throat-slapping Secret Services agents and wrestling for the steering wheel of a government suburban is comedy gold. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, as it turned out to be another bout of fake news.

Of course, Hutchinson herself didn’t escape the meme-fest either.


Just incredible stuff, but I’ll stop there so my editors don’t kill me. Heck, I’m just hoping they even publish this, at this point.

Regardless, did Hutchinson really think no one would attempt to look into her claims? Especially one so improbable and involving two Secret Service agents? Yet, she and the January 6th committee, the latter of which knew there was conflicting testimony, rolled with it anyway. That probably wasn’t the best move, if the goal was to establish Hutchinson’s credibility as providing the “smoking gun” against Trump. But no one has ever accused Liz Cheney and crew of being smart, I suppose.


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