John Cornyn Gets Set on Fire at Texas GOP Convention Over 'Gun Control' Push

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Following a deadly mass shooting in Uvalde, TX, the outcry from the left to “do something” about gun violence flooded the airwaves. Predictably, a certain sect of Republicans rushed to bend the knee despite the lack of evidence that Democrat-pushed policies would have made a difference.


One of those in question was Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), who became the lead negotiator on a new gun control bill. The framework for the legislation is already out, though things hit a wall on Thursday as Democrats pushed for more than was initially offered. Still, Cornyn has signed onto a series of policies that appear to have the votes to pass, including federal funding for “red flag” laws, easily the most objectionable part of the bill.

On Friday, Cornyn appeared at the Texas Republican Party’s yearly convention, and he got set on fire by the audience.

You almost have to respect the few people who decided to stand up and clap amid the sea of boos. In a way, it makes the scene all the more pathetic. For his part, Cornyn appeared to brush things off as he struggled to finish his speech in front of the hostile crowd.

But while some might suggest that the audience was being too hard on the Texas senator, I’d suggest that Cornyn, whatever one may think of him as a person, simply doesn’t realize what time it is. It is not 2018 any longer, and right now, the GOP is heading toward one of its biggest electoral wins in decades. Joe Biden’s average approval rating is in the high-30s. Democrats are eating their own in the middle of all the chaos.


So ask yourself why Cornyn and the rest of the GOP surrender caucus think now is a good time to hand leverage to the left and compromise on one of the right’s most important issues? Is it because CNN said some mean things to them? Or was it those editorials from The Washington Post?

To put it simply, the only thing that can hamper the coming Republican victory in November is if current GOP politicians such as Cornyn, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and the rest decide to burn their own base prior to the election. For the life of me, I can’t understand what the incentive is to give Democrats a win just months before the mid-terms.

Democrats have already made it clear they will not stop with this gun control bill. They will keep pushing, and they will keep taking. To give in at this point is politically stupid, and completely unnecessary. Cornyn and company better realize that in a hurry because the backlash is going to be swift. Republican voters are not looking to give up ground while the opposition burns.


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