AOC Jumps in the Middle of the Democrat Civil War in New York, Dumps Gasoline on the Fire

While the media continue to push the idea that the Republican Party is in disarray as it cruises toward a huge victory in November, Democrats remain in the midst of an actual political civil war. Progressives and “moderates” continue to clash as disagreements on how to avoid a wipe-out in the mid-terms escalate.


Redistricting in New York represents the newest battleground, with multiple incumbent members fighting over newly drawn districts. A court recently ordered a special master to draw the state’s congressional map after an egregious Democrat gerrymander was struck down.

For her part, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is throwing fuel on the fire, calling for Sean Patrick Maloney, currently chair of the DCCC, to resign. This comes via Politico.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday became the first member of Congress to publicly call for Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney to step down as House Democrats’ campaign chair if he ends up in a primary with a Democratic colleague.

In an interview Thursday, Ocasio-Cortez called Maloney’s decision to run in the newly drawn district that includes most of Rep. Mondaire Jones’ (D-N.Y.) current constituents “terrible” and “hypocritical” — and she said “it absolutely further imperils our majority.”

What this boils down to, as RedState reported yesterday, is that Maloney has announced a run in the 17th District, which encompasses about 75 percent of Rep. Mondaire Jones’ old district. For further context, Maloney’s home is now in the 17th District, which makes his run not out of bounds. To complicate matters further, Jones’ home is now in the district that encompasses Westchester County, currently led by Jammal Brown. So does Jones run against Maloney or Brown?


The logistics here make AOC’s complaint all the more nonsensical. She is upset that Maloney is going to run in the district he lives in against a guy who no longer lives in that district. Is the plan for Jones to move?

Despite the issues, Jones himself is also crying foul, slamming Maloney for announcing a run.

“Sean Patrick Maloney did not even give me a heads-up before he went on Twitter to make that announcement,” Jones told POLITICO. “And I think that tells you everything you need to know about Sean Patrick Maloney.”

Of course, the real reason AOC and Jones are upset is that they see Maloney as an establishment figure who threatens the rise of the Justice Democrats clan. That’s the civil war being fought that I cited earlier. Democrats have put together a coalition that is completely unsustainable, with even hardcore liberals no longer meeting the standards of the progressive caucus.

And while AOC claims she’s worried about losing the majority, her chosen candidates, some of whom won their primaries last Tuesday, are going to get wiped out in November. She’s looking for an escape hatch to deflect blame, and what better way to do that than to turn things into a battle against the establishment of her own party? Unfortunately for Democrats, they are stuck with these wild-eyed progressives and their self-destructive behavior. They fed the alligator and now they are next on the menu.



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