'What Is a Woman' Sends the Movie Critics Running for the Hills

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“What Is a Woman” has dropped like a bomb into the center of the political sphere, drawing a wide variety of reactions. In it, Matt Walsh interviews a range of subjects on transgender ideology, from supposed “experts” on gender to a trans-man who emotionally exposes the dangers of targeting children with so-called “gender theory” (click here and here for more coverage).


But while there’s been no shortage of public praise and outrage, those you’d expect the most to give their opinions are running for the hills. According to emails published by Walsh, movie critics are refusing to even review the movie.

Out of curiosity, I went to Rotten Tomatoes just prior to penning this piece to check and see if the dynamic illustrated has changed. Have critics begun to review the movie in the days after its release? The simple answer is no. Currently, there is still only one review, done by a right-leaning Hollywood site. And as the emails released by Walsh show, the anger from critics is palpable, lashing out for even being asked to watch the movie.

What you are seeing in those responses is intellectual cowardice perpetrated by a group of people who are too scared to have their irrational beliefs challenged. Moreover, the fear of being called a bigot outweighs everything for those who make their living in Hollywood. Because of that, they won’t even entertain the idea that a man can’t, in fact, become a woman.

In further contrast, Megan Basham notes that movie critics have no problem watching and reviewing all manner of insane, offensive content. But a movie that asks a simple, challenging question (for the transgender movement, at least) is a bridge too far.


And to be clear, “What Is a Woman” is not actually a rabid, partisan takedown of leftwing gender ideology. Walsh does not bring on a bunch of anti-transgender voices to preach to the choir. Rather, the movie focuses on allowing proponents of transgenderism to speak “their truth,” no matter how absurd. It is that absurdity that ultimately provides the movie’s most convincing evidence against gender theory.

Yet, once again, the left has deemed something off-limits based on no empirical evidence whatsoever. That has even supposedly open-minded, independent critics left bending the knee, refusing to do their job lest they be called transphobic. None of this strikes me as positive for our society, and it is nuts that critics are boycotting a movie that has an audience score of 97 percent.


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